Three Young Men Hit by Tractor-Trailer on I-49

Three Young Men Hit by Tractor-Trailer on I-49

On December 8th, three bright young men were returning home on I-49 after finishing college finals in Louisiana when they discovered they had a flat tire. The men pulled their vehicle onto the shoulder to begin changing the flat. Most of us have been there. There is no feeling in the world like being completely helpless as you rush to get off the highway and out of the danger zone.

While the men were outside of the vehicle on North on I-49, the truck driver approached the young men, the 70,0000-pound vehicle careened out of the traffic lane onto the shoulder, killing all three men.

Determining the Cause of the Crash

Why did it happen? Why was the driver of that 18-wheeler distracted enough to leave his lane of traffic and snuff out the lives of three young men with their entire lives ahead of them? Was he too tired to control the big rig? Was he distracted by his cell phone, texting, watching a video, or surfing the internet? Was he intoxicated?

When disasters like this strike, there is usually a why. Finding the why is often critical in successfully prosecuting these most serious cases. Rest assured that the trucking company, their insurers, and their lawyers are already figuring out the why and concocting reasons to delay or deny the discovery of the why. It is an injury attorney’s job to cut through the delay and denials and find the truth.

Usually, we find required safety processes and systems that were either neglected or intentionally ignored, not just by the driver but also by the trucking company.  Sometimes we find entire safety systems intentionally discarded for the oldest of all reasons: greed.

Contact Us if You’ve Been Involved in a Collision with a Tractor-Trailer

In the case of this accident, it is a legal representative’s job to hold the negligent party accountable and make the world a little bit safer for the next motorist stranded on the side of the highway. If you were the victim of a horrific accident like this, get in touch with our dedicated and compassionate attorneys today.

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