Common Causes of Truck Accidents on Highway 75

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Truck accidents are some of the more severe and traumatic accidents that can occur due to the large size and heavy weight of commercial trucks. Texas State Highway 75 has a high volume of trucks due to its direct route from Dallas to the Oklahoma state line. It only takes one mistake on this busy highway for a severe or fatal accident to occur.

The reasons behind truck accidents vary, but there are some common factors when it comes to truck accidents on Highway 75. Below, we explain the most common reasons behind these accidents.

Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs

More often than not, prescription and non-prescription drugs cause drowsiness and/or impair a driver’s ability to pay attention and make decisions. Since truck drivers are under pressure to get from point A to point B in a timely manner, they may drive under the influence of medication or drugs when they should not, resulting in an accident.

Unfamiliarity with Highway 75

Although this highway has a generous amount of regular traffic, it also includes drivers who are unfamiliar with the highway. This could be commercial truck drivers or passenger vehicle drivers. Drivers who are on an unfamiliar highway may drive too fast, too slow, or not be prepared for sudden stops, turns or lane closures. Road unfamiliarity and truck driver error is a top cause of accidents.


Speeding is a common occurrence on highways, and can be dangerous to the speeding driver and those around them. It is especially dangerous for truck drivers to speed due to the size and weight of their vehicle; large commercial trucks cannot make a quick stop or maneuver as quickly as passenger vehicles. Likewise, passenger vehicles should not make sudden maneuvers and stops in front of or near commercial trucks for the same reason.

Driver fatigue

Although there are laws in place governing how long a commercial truck driver can be on the road, driver fatigue is still a big issue. Fatigue can happen for more reasons than driving too long in a single stretch. If the driver isn’t sleeping well when off the road, he or she is likely to be fatigued while driving even if it is a short distance. Fatigue is still a major cause of truck accidents on Highway 75.

Get Help After Truck Accidents on Highway 75

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