Trucking Regulations For Hiring Drivers in Texas

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Truck drivers play an incredibly important role in our economy, hauling billions of pounds of freight across the country every year. Safely operating a large commercial truck requires training and experience. When 18 wheelers aren’t operated properly, the resulting accidents can be catastrophic for other drivers.

Trucking companies are obligated by law to practice responsible hiring and training of their drivers. Despite trucking regulations for hiring drivers that meet certain criteria, the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety report that an average of 4,000 people are killed and 100,000 injured every year in wrecks with large trucks.

Trucking companies can be held financially liable for the injuries and damages caused if they have failed to hire experienced drivers; hired drivers with a poor driving history; allowed impaired drivers to continue operating trucks, or failed to adequately maintain these large commercial vehicles.

What Trucking Regulations For Hiring Drivers Do Companies Have To Follow?

When a trucking company is hiring a new driver, there is certain information they must legally obtain from applicants. There are also regulations that dictate what they must do with that information; how to respond to requests from other companies about former drivers; and how to use and keep this information so that the hiring company knows the driving history of a new driver.

Some of the information a trucking company must have on a new driver is:

  • Driving record
  • Initial drug testing records
  • Drivers’ previous employers
  • Why commercial driver left his previous employer
  • Any at-fault reportable wrecks while with previous employer
  • Any failed drug testing with previous employers

A trucking company that is evaluating a potential hire must follow up with each and every former employer listed to verify any at-fault wrecks, the results of drug tests, and the reason the employee left that job. If the driver is hired, the trucking company must keep this information in the driver’s employee file for a certain number of years after the driver has left the company.

Another of the trucking regulations for hiring drivers requires that companies who receive an inquiry from another company on a past employee must truthfully respond to the request with the required information.

Why Truck Driver Hiring Practices Are A Public Safety Issue

When an 18 wheeler is involved in a wreck with smaller vehicles, the occupants of the smaller car are at serious risk of catastrophic and even fatal injuries. The physics of a semi truck accident are simply not likely to produce minor injuries.

A big rig is thousands of pounds heavier than a regular passenger car. The truck’s center of gravity is higher, and it has a joint between the tractor and trailer. The truck’s load may be off-balance or get thrown off balance during an accident, making the truck’s movements unstable and unpredictable.

Because of the potential for serious harm to come to others on the road, having a driver who is a trained and experienced operator is important for public safety.

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