Ways for Motorcyclists to Protect Themselves


Fun and freedom are two words that often come to mind when thinking about riding motorcycles. However, that fun and freedom are not without danger. As one of the smallest vehicles on the road, accidents involving motorcycles are often devastating. Luckily, there are ways for motorcyclists to protect themselves while driving.

Obey Traffic Laws

The first and most obvious way for anyone, especially motorcyclists, to protect themselves is to follow the rules of the road. Stop fully at stop signs, don’t rush through yellow lights, keep to the speed limit, don’t weave in and out of lanes – all the basics.

Take Training Classes

Even if it is not mandatory, many motorcycle clubs, manufacturers, and retailers offer motorcycle safety courses you can take to sharpen your skills and learn what to do in certain emergency situations. This can make a substantial difference in a motorcyclist’s ability to protect themselves.

Assume the Other Driver Can’t See You

It is easy to assume that if other cars are visible to you, the drivers can see you and your motorcycle as well. However, that is often not the case because motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles and can therefore get lost in blind spots easily. This is why giving others on the road additional time and space is so important for people on motorcycles.

Wear Protective Gear

It is smart for bikers to dress as though they are going to crash. Heavy leather jackets, pants, and boots do not only look cool, but also protect motorcyclists from road rashes and other injuries in case they are thrown from the bike in a collision.


Wearing a helmet designed for impact can and often does mean the difference between life and death in a motorcycle accident. If a collision occurs, motorcycle riders are especially likely to suffer traumatic brain injuries, even with a helmet on. However, wearing a good helmet could help ensure that a brain injury is less severe.

Ask an Attorney about How to Protect Yourself from a Motorcycle Accident

For more insight on how to protect yourself from a motorcycle collision, get in touch with an esteemed attorney at McCraw Law Group. If you have already been injured in a motorcycle crash, a local lawyer could use the ways you tried to protect yourself to bolster your case for compensation. Reach out for assistance today.