What NOT to Do When You Get Injured

What NOT to Do When You Get Injured

Getting hurt is a terrifying and often overwhelming experience. It can be difficult to navigate how best to heal while also holding others accountable. Though many people get injured, not everyone understands the legal process of seeking compensation. Thus, people often unknowingly take steps that weaken their claims. Understanding what not to do will help you get the fair settlement you deserve for your injury-related losses.

7 Things to Avoid Doing After Suffering an Injury:

1. Leaving the Scene of the Accident

  • If you are injured in an accident, it is critical to have formal evidence of the event
  • Immediately call the police and file a report while also taking photos and notes regarding the incident that caused your injury

2. Arguing with Those Involved in the Accident

  • While you may be inclined to immediately argue over who was at fault in an accident, the situation is tense and can easily escalate. Any statements said can be used against you
  • Be polite and exchange information with those involved, but otherwise hold off on confrontation until advised by a legal professional

3. Pursuing Self-Treatment

  • Many injuries, such as head trauma or internal bleeding, may not be obvious without medical assistance
  • Always go to an emergency room or doctor for an immediate record of injuries, which will serve as important evidence for subsequent claims
  • Faithfully follow treatment as recommended by your doctor while keeping track of medical bills, medications, and other expenses

4. Posting on Social Media

  • Online posts about your accident or injury may be used against you in court and cost you directly
  • To avoid weakening your claims, do not post anything regarding your injury online

5. Losing Track of Evidence

  • There are many types of compensation outside of medical damages, including loss of wages and mental anguish, so it’s important to keep track of all costs related to your injury

6. Accepting an Insurance Company’s Offer

  • Insurance companies are interested in their bottom line, not you, and initial offers will frequently be lower than you deserve
  • Continue to keep track of damages while seeking out legal representation to support you in getting effective compensation

7. Waiting to Pursue Legal Action

  • Being injured may feel overwhelming and your instinct may be to put off taking action, but it is best to respond to the situation as quickly as possible to maintain the strength of your claims
  • To help navigate the stressful process of dealing with an injury, seek out legal expertise

Contact McCraw Law Group’s Experienced Attorneys for Support

If you or a loved one is injured, the best step to take towards getting the compensation you deserve is having an experienced legal team on your side. McCraw Law Group is here to help navigate through the overwhelm of experiencing an injury.

With our promise that you don’t pay until we win, you can trust that our attorneys are committed to supporting you through this troubling time. Call us today to get the experience and resources you need.

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