What Should People Bring to Their Initial Consultation After a Slip and Fall Injury?

What Should People Bring to Their Initial Consultation After a Slip and Fall Injury?

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be wondering what you need to bring to your first case consultation. Fortunately, there are some standard materials that we at the McCraw Law Group often encourage claimants to provide.

One of the first things I want to see at an initial consultation is any evidence gathered demonstrating the cause of a fall. For instance, if a fall was caused by an uneven sidewalk, it would be beneficial to have a picture or video of it. Is it a quarter-inch difference or are we talking about four or five inches of difference? This could make a difference in a case.

I want to know everything possible about the mechanism of an injury. Anything that the injured party has concerning knowledge of the defendant about the injury would also be important. Sometimes after a fall in a grocery store, for example, employees come up to the injured party state that the owner was aware of the potential hazard.

This is highly important information for you to share with an attorney. If there might be an employee that has information proving the property owner had prior knowledge of the unsafe condition, we could potentially call them as a witness.

We are also going to want to have evidence of how bad the injury is. In the immediate aftermath of these injuries, sometimes we may not know the full extent of the injuries, but any photo and medical documentation could be beneficial.

A list of doctors and of facilities that they have been to is also important. As well as any names and addresses of witnesses. If the injured party has evidence of long-term impact from their fall, that could be important to bring to an initial consultation as well. This is because we want to make sure that we have captured all the losses suffered by the injured party as a result of the other party’s negligence. The more information that we can get upfront, the easier it is for us to preserve the evidence we need to prove a case.

Very often in slip and fall cases, we do not have police reports. However, sometimes stores and other facilities will do their own investigation. Unfortunately, these reports often lack important statements by witnesses and other evidence of property owner liability.

One can rest assured that they are going to get a one-sided investigation when only one side knows about the investigation. Therefore, it is critical that we are involved early to preserve that evidence. Call the McCraw Law Group if you were injured in a slip and fall and schedule your initial case consultation for free.

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