What to Expect During a Free Legal Consultation

What to Expect During a Free Legal Consultation

If you are looking for legal services and representation, the first step you should take once you find a firm is scheduling a consultation. A consultation allows prospective clients to meet and discuss legal issues and needs with an attorney. This is an opportunity for both the client and attorney to ask any questions they may have that are specific to the case.

At McCraw Law Group, we offer free consultations to anyone seeking legal counsel or assistance. Below is what you should expect during a free legal consultation with our team.

What Should You Bring?

While the listed items to bring may vary from case to case, there are general things that could be helpful to bring to your initial meeting with an attorney. When consulting with a lawyer for the first time, it is beneficial to bring relevant paperwork for your case, as this will help the attorney better understand the type of representation you require. The relevant paperwork typically includes communications to and from insurance companies, pictures and videos taken of the scene of the accident, police reports, and medical records related to treatment of injuries suffered in an accident. Along with appropriate paperwork, a lawyer may request additional information or a questionnaire to be filled out beforehand, which should also be brought to the meeting.

What Happens During the Consultation?

During the consultation, you should expect and be prepared to share information about your case, the relevant documents brought, and what type of assistance you desire. The attorney will ask you specific questions about your case and walk you through the legal options you may have.

It is important to note that the initial consultation does not bind you to this specific lawyer, as it helps determine whether the case and representation are right on both ends. You have the right to decide whether or not you would like to work with the attorney, and they have the right to determine whether the case is a good fit for them.

By the end of the consultation, such decisions are typically made. If both parties agree, the lawyer will begin to outline what the client should expect the following steps to be and a projection of potential fees and costs associated with this representation.

Schedule Your Free Consultation with an Experienced Attorney Today

Schedule your free consultation with McCraw Law Group today if you require legal representation but need help figuring out where to start. Our team of seasoned attorneys would be happy to assist you in finding the best representation and assistance for your case. Call now to get started.

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