When Defective Products Hurt or Kill

When Defective Products Hurt or Kill

History has taught us that over time, products that we all use are getting more and more complex. History has also shown that when technology advances, safety concerns are often secondary to making the item do “the next cool thing.”  No where do we see technology and safety collide as we do in automobiles and trucks. Vehicles are literally jammed with wires, capacitors, and computing capability whether you want it or not.

SUV Popularity and Product Recalls

In North Texas, there is an outsized number of SUVs as there are plenty of soccer dads and corporate moms hauling lots of people all over the metroplex. Go to the FC Soccer Field in Frisco on a Saturday afternoon or to Craig Ranch Fields in McKinney and you will see SUVs packed to the gills with kids and gear.

If you drive a Ford Lincoln Expedition or Navigator manufactured from 2015-2017, there is a serious enough danger of fire that a recall has just been issued by Ford Motor Company. Please take the warning and offer to repair the motor blower assembly seriously. Electrical fires from automobiles can burn down houses and sometimes start fast moving fires with occupants inside of the vehicles.

The technology in these new vehicles is flashy and interesting—but the more electrical wires, switches, and other electrical gear that is stuffed into these vehicles—the higher chance of product design or manufacturing errors that can be a safety hazard.

Contact a Local Attorney if a Defective Product Caused You Harm

If your vehicle catches fire from an electrical issue, and as a result severe burn injuries or death occurs, your family may be able to maintain a lawsuit due to the product failure. These cases are complex and extremely costly, so normally a person must be seriously hurt or there must be a large amount of property damage to make the case economically feasible.

At the McCraw Law Group we evaluate these types of cases—and if we accept the case—we will prosecute them on a contingency basis. The evaluation is free, so there is not risk for reaching out to see if we can help with your specific situation. Call now to speak with one of our knowledgeable legal professionals.

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