Who Can be Held Liable when a Bus Strikes a Pedestrian in Texas?

two people at a bus stop on a cold fall day. one standing, one sitting

If you or someone you love was struck by a bus, you are probably wondering how to reclaim your life. A well-versed bus accident attorney could explain the ways in which different scenarios can affect liability for a public transit vehicle collision. Ask our lawyers about who can be held liable when a bus strikes a pedestrian in Texas.

Ownership Matters

Unfortunately, buses do hit people from time to time. The first thing a qualified attorney will look for when determining who can be held liable for a pedestrian accident involving a public transit vehicle is whether the bus is government-owned or privately own.

If a government entity owns the bus, the Texas Tort Claims Act would apply, which limits the liability of any government entity, operator, or contractor in the event of a collision. In which case, the injured pedestrian’s recovery would be limited to a certain amount of damages, and liability would only be available in specific cases set forth by the statute.

On the other hand, a charter bus owned by a private company would have private insurance and would not be subject to the same damage limitations as those in place for governmental entities. In the event of a pedestrian accident, charter buses would be held to the same standards as anybody else driving or operating a motor vehicle in the State of Texas, including 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. In other words, it is possible to hold a charter bus company liable for negligence under certain circumstances if one of their drivers strikes a pedestrian.

What to do if You Are Hit at a Bus Stop

If you are hit at a bus stop, it is likely due to extremely reckless driving.  If you are struck by a bus, the driver and/or their employer will most likely be held responsible for the resulting damages.

A seasoned attorney at McCraw Law Group could help you recover damages if you are struck by a bus while walking or waiting at a bus stop. Reach out today to learn more about who can be held liable when a bus strikes a pedestrian in Texas.

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