Why You Should Never Admit Fault after a Truck Accident


People tend to blame themselves at the scene of a trucking collision and for many reasons – nerves, panic, and a guilty conscious being only three. However, an experienced lawyer could advise you on why you should never admit fault after a truck accident.

Truckers Know Better

People who drive 18-wheelers have been extensively trained on how to act in case of a wreck. Namely, they will not say anything that could incriminate them. Many may not say anything at all without speaking with their employer or attorney first, and other injured parties are advised to do the same.

Everything You Say Will be Used as Evidence

If you claim fault in a police report at a commercial vehicle crash scene, you are making a lot of people’s jobs easier – the investigator, the shipping company’s insurance broker, the jury, and the truck driver. However, you are making you and your attorney’s lives much more difficult.

In Texas, as long as an individual is not primarily at fault for their own accident, meaning they’re not more than 50% at fault, they can still recover their losses from another person who holds more liability. If you take responsibility for a trucking collision, the defense will want to take you at your word to avoid paying anything, or at least less than if you had not admitted fault.

The Facts Are Not Always Clear

It is impossible to know everything. If you rush in and claim fault for one reason or another, you may be disregarding the truck driver’s behavior. Were they texting or fatigued? Had they driven more hours than the law allows? The best way to achieve a fair claim is to answer the police officer’s questions honestly and simply before calling an attorney.

A trusted local attorney could help present your actions at the time of the collision as reasonably as possible to ensure you recover the compensation you are owed. Get in touch with McCraw Law Group today to learn more about how we can help you.