Denton Neck and Back Injury Lawyer

Denton Neck and Back Injury Lawyer

The neck and back are important but sensitive areas of the body prone to major injuries. Harm that befalls either of these portions of the body can greatly impact an injured person. When you are dealing with these types of injuries, you have the right to determine the cause of the accident and seek to hold the responsible defendant liable for what they have caused with the help of a qualified catastrophic injury attorney.

A Denton neck and back injury lawyer could begin your pursuit of compensation.

Herniated Disks and Related Injuries

Car accidents and other traumatic incidents are often the cause of a herniated disk—a painful and debilitating injury to the back or neck. This is a type of torn tissue injury that can have substantial side effects and be very painful. These “disks” are rubbery cushions that sit between the vertebrae of the spine. They are soft and can be damaged by a major accident.

Slipped disks are similar and can also be very painful. They may damage nearby nerves and result in numbness, weakness, or pain in the neck, back, and arms. Surgery may be required to repair these types of injuries. A competent attorney in Denton could analyze the medical records relating to the back and neck injury to build a case for appropriate compensation.

Whiplash and Neck Sprains

Many accidents cause some form of whiplash. This is most common in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents where the injured party was hit from the rear or the side. The sudden impact can “whip” the neck and cause severe injuries that may be long-lasting or even permanent.

Neck sprains occur when a ligament or muscle in the neck is stretched past a comfortable or safe point. These injuries often create symptoms that may not be immediately apparent—instead appearing days or weeks after an accident occurs. A motivated Denton lawyer has seen the trajectory of many neck sprains and could advise damages for future medical bills.

Back Injuries and Possible Paralysis

Trauma on the spinal cord and the muscles in the back can lead to painful and often debilitating injuries. Injuries that occur in the neck often effect the back, such as herniated disks and whiplash. Lower-area injuries to the lumbar or thoracic spinal areas can lead to nerve damage, chronic pain, and even paralysis.

Back injuries present a unique hazard for paralysis, especially when the spinal cord is partially or completely torn. Paraplegia and quadriplegia may result from a very severe injury. Even when paralysis does not occur, injuries to the back may result in:

  • Muscle tears and strains
  • Bruised or fractured vertebrae
  • Nerve root compression
  • Disc herniations
  • Radiculopathy
  • Disc extrusion

These injuries and many others may lead to painful and debilitating symptoms.

Proving Negligence for a Back and Neck Injury in Denton

The Texas Rules of Civil Procedure outline how a claimant must present evidence and file their case when seeking to prove the defendant was responsible for their harm. Proving negligence requires showing:

  • That the defendant had a duty to act responsibly towards the injured person
  • That the defendant failed in that duty
  • That the defendant’s failure was the cause of the accident
  • That the injured party suffered harm as a result of the defendant’s actions or omissions

This proof may help an injured party prove their back and neck injury claim in court with the assistance of knowledgeable legal counsel.

Consult a Neck and Back Injury Attorney in Denton

To get started on your pursuit of financial compensation, you should consult with a seasoned attorney who is familiar with these types of cases. Neck and back injuries typically require intensive medical evidence to prove along with the evidence needed to show that the defendant is the reason they occurred.

A consultation of your case could provide you useful information you need. Contact a Denton neck and back injury lawyer today.

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