Denton Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Denton Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

The most serious injuries result in an individual left permanently disabled. This can be a loss of a limb, brain or spinal cord damage, or even total paralysis. However, people who suffered catastrophic injuries may be able to recover compensation for their losses.

An experienced attorney could work with victims and their families to obtain the compensation they deserve due to the negligent or criminal acts of others. A Denton catastrophic injury lawyer could provide you with the proper legal counsel you deserve.

What Makes an Injury Catastrophic?

In general, a catastrophic injury is one that leaves a permanent negative effect on a person’s life. This effect must result in a significant reduction in a person’s physical or mental abilities. Prominent examples of these include:

A catastrophic injury can occur in almost any situation or scenario. Many catastrophic injury suits are no different from any other personal injury claim except for the seriousness of the injuries. For example, any car crash may result in a catastrophic injury claim if the injuries suffered are serious enough.

The case must examine every injury as an independent portion of the claim according to a rule known as the eggshell skull rule, all defendants must pay damages caused or enhanced by the incident, no matter the plaintiff’s status prior to the incident or misfortune.

Damages Commonly Sought After in Denton

The core of a catastrophic injury claim is the medical costs associated with the treatment and recovery from the injury. But the essence of a catastrophic injury claim is that the plaintiff will never fully recover. When combined with the statute of limitations that controls when someone can bring a claim, this creates a dilemma for the injured party.

A catastrophic injury claim must account for not just past costs, but also the future impact of the injury. Therefore, an experienced lawyer could work with doctors and economists to create a damage model that consider factors including future medical costs, cost of non-medical care, lost earning power, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.  Doing so, a local catastrophic injury lawyer could work to determine the full effect of the injuries and make demands of defendants that accurately reflect those effects.

A Denton Catastrophic Injury Attorney Could Be an Advocate

Any catastrophic injury could throw a person’s life into chaos. Not only will the injured person require intensive medical treatment and therapy, but their economic future and quality of life may be in doubt. Whether they suffered the injury in an accident that was another’s fault or was the result of a criminal act, the injured person has the right to seek compensation.

A Denton catastrophic injury attorney could take the lead in claims against insurance companies and civil lawsuits against defendants. An attorney could fight to help you provide for the financial future of your family. Time is limited to file a claim. When you are ready to contact a Denton catastrophic injury lawyer to discuss your case.

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