Denton Knee Injury Lawyer

Denton Knee Injury Lawyer

Knee injuries can be incredibly difficult to handle and may lead to life-long limitations. They may result in limited mobility and significant pain. They are often complex to fix and require intricate surgical intervention to heal. Injuries to your knees may have left you unable to walk and experiencing severe pain. If your knee injury is the result of a person’s reckless or careless actions, working with a knowledgeable catastrophic injury attorney may help you win the financial compensation needed to return to normal life.

Knee injuries come in many shapes and sizes, but any caused by the negligent actions of another may permit a major recovery. Let a dedicated Denton knee injury lawyer look into your case and build a customized plan for you.

Causes of Knee Injuries in Denton

Nearly any accident caused by a negligent defendant could be the cause for a knee injury. An injured person is required to prove that another person’s negligence was the cause of the accident that resulted in the injury. The Texas Rules of Evidence dictate what types of evidence will be permitted in court in order for an injured party to prove that the defendant’s negligence was the cause of their injuries. A skilled attorney could utilize these rules to present an injured party’s knee injury claim and prove that the defendant caused the accident.

Common causes a knee injury may include:

Proving who is at fault for the accident and establishing how the accident caused the injuries in question is an essential component of winning compensation.

Common Types of Knee Injuries after an Accident

The knee is composed of several bones, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments—all of which play a vital role in the normal operation of the joint. Damage to any of these can have a harmful effect on a person’s ability to move the knee without pain. A compassionate lawyer in Denton understands how seriously injuring a knee could cause major symptoms that may limit a person’s life—either temporarily or permanently.

MCL or ACL Tears

The medial collateral ligament (MCL) and the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are two important parts of the knee that, when damaged, can significantly affect someone’s life. Injuries to these ligaments can occur when a person has been involved in a motor vehicle collision or by a dangerous condition at a premises. Both of these injuries could have long recovery times and be very painful to endure.

Bruised and Fractured Kneecaps

When a person’s kneecap or patella are harmed, it can make it difficult or impossible to straighten their leg. These are common in traffic accidents and slip and fall cases, both of which may result in significant damages in a successful lawsuit.

Meniscus Injuries

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that provides cushioning to the knee joint. When damaged or torn, the results can be incredibly painful and limiting to a person’s use of the knee.

Seek Help from a Knee Injury Attorney in Denton

Your knee injury may entitle you to a significant financial award. In order to seek recovery for your injuries, you should speak with a licensed personal injury attorney with the experience needed to properly pursue your claim.

Knee injuries can be devastating, but this does not mean you are left without options. To seek the help you need, contact an experienced Denton knee injury lawyer today.

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