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The brain is one of our most vital organs. It plays a role in every function of a person’s body, controlling our thoughts, memories, emotions, speech, vision, movements, as well as dictating various other essential organs, and more. Therefore, any kind of harm to the brain is a critical matter. Anoxic brain injuries are extremely dangerous and, based on the severity of the injury, can result in mild symptoms—such as headaches or difficulty concentrating—to more serious symptoms—like a long-term coma or even death.

If you or a loved one have suffered damage from this kind of injury, you could benefit from speaking with a Denton anoxic brain injury lawyer. An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney could review your case and help you seek compensation for your losses.

Definition of an Anoxic Brain Injury

Anoxic brain injuries occur when oxygen is cut off from a person’s brain. Often with this kind of injury, there is a complete lack of oxygen to the brain which can cause significant brain cell damage. It usually takes four minutes or more without oxygen for neural cells to begin deteriorating. Once brain cells start dying, serious damage can occur because our brains are not able to regrow these cells.

Thus, this type of injury is often severe resulting in permanent brain damage, or even death. A compassionate Denton anoxic brain injury attorney has experience in handling these cases and can fight to win compensation from the responsible parties.

Common Causes of Anoxic Brain Injuries

There are numerous ways that an individual could sustain an anoxic brain injury; however, below are some of the most frequent:

  • Accidental oxygen deprivation
  • Carbon monoxide leaks
  • Medical errors
  • Child accidents, such as accidental wrapping of an object around the neck
  • Car accidents, such as damage to a person’s chest or throat

As can be seen from the list above, anoxic brain injuries can occur in many different environments such as at work, home, on the road, in a hospital, or in additional public places. Though most of the time this injury is sustained by accidental oxygen deprivation, and not an intentional act, someone else may still be liable due to their own careless or reckless actions. A Denton anoxic brain injury lawyer could review the details of a specific accident to determine fault and whether a case could be made to pursue compensation for damages.

Proving Fault in Anoxic Brain Injury Claims

In order to pursue a case for an anoxic brain injury, a lawyer must be able to prove fault. There must be evidence that someone else’s negligence or carelessness directly resulted in the claimant’s injury.

For example, in a work environment such as a chemical factory, the business owner or operator is responsible for ensuring there are no safety hazards present and that workers have appropriate protective gear. If the owner/operator fails to do this and there is a carbon monoxide leak resulting in a worker’s loss of consciousness, the owner/operator could be liable for damages. Another instance is if a person acts recklessly, like wrapping a cord around someone else’s neck, causing them to pass out.

A Denton anoxic brain injury lawyer could investigate the circumstances of an incident to determine if another party could be held liable for failing to exercise appropriate safety measures or acting unreasonably and negligently.

Reach Out to a Denton Anoxic Brain Injury Attorney Today

Anoxic brain injuries can result in various symptoms requiring expensive medical treatment. Symptoms such as headaches, vision problems, sensory issues, emotional dysregulation, and lack of sleep are often treated via medications and doctor visits. While longer-lasting symptoms like changes in speech or cognition can require an individual to attend speech therapy for a significant amount of time following a traumatic brain injury.

You should not have to worry about paying for these treatments when someone else was responsible for your or your loved one’s injury. You should be focusing on your or your family member’s recovery. Reach out to a Denton anoxic brain injury lawyer today to schedule a consultation and get the support you deserve.

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