Benefits of Working with a Lawyer After a Jackknife Truck Accident in Denton

Benefits of Working with a Lawyer After a Jackknife Truck Accident in Denton

Whenever a tractor-trailer jackknifes, the resulting damages are often catastrophic. When you or a loved one are involved in this type of collision, you may have a right to seek compensation for your damages. However, this is not a case that you should pursue alone.

Jackknife truck accident lawsuits often involve going up against large trucking companies and their expansive team of insurance agents and skilled attorneys. These trucking companies put extensive resources into avoiding liability for wrecks caused by their drivers. They will do everything they can to get out of paying victims the fair restitution they deserve. Thus, the benefits of working with a lawyer after a jackknife truck accident in Denton are having a strong litigator in your corner who can fight for your rights and help you hold the liable parties accountable.

Familiarity with Trucking Laws & Regulations

One of the benefits of working with a lawyer after a jackknife tractor-trailer wreck in Denton is that they are familiar with all the federal and state trucking laws and regulations. Truck drivers are expected to meet higher standards of safety than other motorists due to the catastrophic damage their large vehicles can cause in the event of a collision. When a person is seriously injured in a jackknife truck accident, a well-practiced attorney could investigate whether the trucker or their employer violated the provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act.

Because of their extensive knowledge and familiarity with these federal safety standards, a seasoned legal professional could help a victim hold numerous at-fault parties accountable for their injuries—which means they are more likely to be fully compensated for their damages.

Overcoming the Defense

Another benefit to having the guidance of a Denton jackknife truck accident attorney is that they could help overcome the defense. Following these types of wrecks, defendants will often claim that there was nothing they could do to prevent the accident. A determined lawyer could overcome that defense by showing all of the federal trucking standards that were violated that resulted in that truck being jackknifed.

A proactive attorney could argue that there was something the truck driver or the trucking company could have done to avoid the wreck, such as:

  • Driven slower
  • Checked their brakes more frequently
  • Paid closer attention to traffic conditions
  • Properly loaded their truck so that it was a stable weight
  • Provide regular safety training for drivers
  • Monitor driving logs
  • Perform random drug and alcohol testing

As long as a capable legal professional can prove that the trucker or the trucking company failed to follow at least one standard outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, then they have a viable case for the victim to seek full financial recovery.

Call Now to Learn More About the Benefits of Working with a Denton Attorney After a Jackknife Truck Accident

The benefits of working with a lawyer after a jackknife truck accident in Denton include their familiarity with the federal trucking regulations and their skilled litigation tactics to overcome the defense.

You do not have to handle your personal injury claim alone. Let a dedicated semi-truck accident attorney help you pursue the comprehensive compensation you need and deserve. Call McCraw Law Group now to get started.

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