Common Causes of Paralysis Injuries in Frisco

Spinal cord and brain injuries have many causes. Bicycle, car, and truck accidents could cause spinal cord and brain injuries depending on the surroundings and the speed and type of impact. Based on where and how the paralysis happened, other parties may be liable. If a brain or spinal cord injury occurred in the workplace due to faulty machinery, the injured employee may have a claim for product liability in addition to any workers’ compensation provided by the employer. A seasoned paralysis injury lawyer in Frisco could review the details of a specific case to determine what legal options an injured person has for recovery.

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Paralysis Explained

Paralysis is characterized by a loss of control over a muscle group or a single muscle in the body. In most cases, this is not due to an issue with the muscle itself but rather the nerve cells that run to the brain from that part of the body. Nerve cells deliver messages that control the movements of the human body. When these are damaged, paralysis can occur.

There are several types of paralysis, including:

  • Partial paralysis
  • Complete or total paralysis
  • Permanent or temporary paralysis
  • Flaccid, where the muscles shrink and become flabby
  • Spastic, where the muscles are tight and will spasm

Any of these types of paralysis constitute a serious injury. When that injury is another person’s fault, a civil lawsuit can seek to hold them financially responsible.

Typical Causes of Paralysis

Muscle movement is controlled by neurological signals from the brain. When the nerves that run from the brain throughout the body are damaged, paralysis can occur. The causes of paralysis can vary greatly, but each can be devastating in its effect on the human body.

Many cases of paralysis in Frisco are caused by accidents, such as those involving motor vehicles. Motor vehicle accidents can lead to extremely serious injuries that may result in paralysis. This is often caused by:

Medical negligence is another common cause of paralysis in Frisco. When a medical professional is negligent, paralysis can occur as a result of:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Improper medications
  • Complications during birth
  • Negligence in anesthesiology
  • Mistakes made during surgical procedures
  • Slips and falls in hospitals or other medical facilities
  • Loss of oxygen to the brain during surgery or treatment

A medical malpractice lawsuit seeks to hold healthcare professionals responsible when they make a mistake and cause someone to become paralyzed. An injured claimant can pursue financial compensation with the help of a local attorney.

Determining Liability in a Paralysis Case

Assigning liability in a paralysis case requires identifying who was most at fault for the accident. Generally speaking, if one party was more careless than the other, the first party may be liable for at least some of the resulting damages. However, if the injured party contributed to the accident, their recovery may be reduced due to Texas’ modified comparative negligence laws. If the injured party was more than 50 percent responsible for the accident, the injured party may be barred from receiving monetary compensation. If the injury claim is against the Texas government or a governmental subdivision such as a city, county, or public school, the affected party must file a formal claim with the specific governmental body within six months and must show that the cause of the injury is one of the specific causes that allows a claim to be brought against the state.  Motor vehicle collisions and injuries caused by the use of personal property are two specific causes of injury that can result in a successful claim against the state of Texas.

Personal Injury Statutes of Limitations Information for Texas Residents

The statute of limitations for personal injury and workers’ compensation claims varies by state. In Texas, an individual who sustains a paralysis injury at work has 30 days to report the disablement to their employer. The state does not require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance, but it also forbids employers who have workers’ compensation insurance from discriminating or retaliating against employees who file claims.  If an employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, a traditional personal injury claim may be pursued against the employer with the normal two-year statute of limitations applying. Individuals have two years to file and pursue a personal injury claim that caused paralysis in Frisco. The two-year deadline applies to negligence cases, such as slip and fall accidents, as well as some intentional torts, such as personal battery and assault cases. Filing past the two-year deadline often leads to a dismissal of the case. However, there are exceptions, and an experienced Frisco paralysis injury attorney could help victims, and their families fight to get their cases into court.

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If you or a loved one have sustained a paralysis-related injury, deciding what to do next can seem overwhelming, but quick action is necessary. A local lawyer with experience in serious personal injury cases provides counsel that clears up the confusion so you or your family member can plan for your future. Speak with a Frisco paralysis injury lawyer to determine the next steps in your case. Call McCraw Law Group today to set up your initial consultation.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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