Role of a Lawyer in Frisco Truck Accident Claims

Role of a Lawyer in Frisco Truck Accident Claims

A truck accident is not the same as a regular car wreck. While many people may assume the two are the similar enough and treat them as such when pursuing a legal claim, this is a critical mistake. Truckers must abide by certain state laws and regulations, and a failure to do so makes them—as well as other potential parties— responsible for the damages suffered due to their negligence.

An experienced truck accident attorney understands the complexity of these kinds of cases and could fight to hold all the responsible parties financially accountable for your losses. The role of lawyer in Frisco truck accident claims is to help an injured person focus on their own physical recovery while taking care of all the legal proceedings on their behalf. Reach out to one of our dedicated lawyers today to get the assistance you deserve.

Collecting Evidence

One of the reasons that it is so important to contact a lawyer quickly following a truck crash is so that they can start preserving evidence. A truck accident can result in a person suffering severe, catastrophic injuries due to the sheer size of the vehicles involved and the amount of force they emit on impact. In these cases, it is crucial to retain a legal professional who can immediately take actions, not only to preserve physical evidence such as taking pictures and measurements, but also to write spoliation letters to the trucking company to preserve and gain access to additional evidence that is kept under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. This often includes the trucking logs, drug testing results, the vehicle’s repair records, and fuel receipts.

If the evidence is not collected and preserved soon after the wreck, it could disappear forever. When this happens, it becomes especially difficult, and often near impossible, to prove another person or entity’s fault for an accident. Thus, one role of a lawyer in Frisco truck crash claims is to ensure that this does not happen.

Reconstructing the Incident

In certain situations, an attorney may bring on an expert to help recreate the events leading up to, during, and immediately following a collision. An accident reconstructionist collects all of the available evidence and works to put these various pieces together to tell the complete story of what actually happened. They usually put together a written report or craft a 3D model that demonstrates how exactly the accident occurred and what caused it. This can be extremely beneficial evidence when proving someone else is to blame for a wreck in court. The role a lawyer plays in procuring outside expertise to help prove fault is extremely valuable in 18-wheeler accident claims in Frisco.

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Truck crash lawsuits are much more complicated than one may think, and thus, require a certain level of prowess to execute properly and achieve a successful outcome. That is why seeking help from an attorney who has previous experience with truck injury litigation cases could be the key to securing the compensation you are owed.

The role of a lawyer in Frisco truck accident claims is to be an advocate for an injured individual, ensuring they are cared for physically, emotionally, and financially. If you were recently harmed in a commercial vehicle wreck and are seeking support filing a legal suit, call us now.

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