Garland Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Garland Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Although you are probably perfectly safe riding your bicycle along the Highline Hike and Bike Trail, you are less safe on Buckingham Road during the evening rush hour. With Garland being part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, traffic in some areas is more dangerous when motorists are trying to get to work in the morning and home in the evening, and you are not as apt to get out of their way.

Most Texas bicycling deaths occur during evening rush hour. Even if you follow the road rules and wear a helmet, you are still vulnerable if a truck or SUV slams into you. If an impatient driver is speeding, talking, texting on a handheld device, or taunting you to get off the road and causes an accident that injures you, a Garland bicycle accident lawyer could help you seek justice. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could work diligently to hold the at-fault party accountable in court and get you the compensation you deserve for your losses.

The Severity of Bicycle Accidents in Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation reports that bicycle accidents have increased by about 25 percent in recent years, with approximately 70 Texans losing their lives annually in bicycle accidents. Sadly, Texas is the third most deadly state for bicyclists. Those who are fortunate enough to survive face a lengthy and expensive recuperative period.

Injured cyclists worry about paying their bills and getting back to work. They must live with the trauma of the accident and the anguish of a broken body’s healing process. They deserve compensation for all these losses and others, both economic and non-economic. Consult with an experienced lawyer to discuss a recent bicycle accident in Garland.

After a Bicycle Accident, Call for Medical Help, Then an Attorney

The first thing bicyclists injured in accidents should do is get medical help, either by calling 911 if they are able or asking someone nearby to call. After stabilization, injured cyclists should contact a well-practiced Garland bike wreck attorney to discuss the circumstances leading to the accident.

A lawyer has several tasks when compiling information to support an injured party during insurance negotiations or a negligence lawsuit. The first task is to interview the injured bicyclist for a first-hand account of the collision. From there, a proactive attorney could:

  • Review the police report
  • Seek supporting case law
  • Review Texas statutes concerning negligence and compensation, including determining if the injured party might be eligible for punitive damages
  • Talk to eyewitnesses and engage any expert witnesses
  • Study hospital and physician records to get an idea of the victim’s financial obligations currently and in the future
  • Negotiate with insurers, dispatch demand letters, or file a lawsuit if negotiations do not produce a suitable settlement

Every case is unique, and other duties may be appropriate. A committed cyclist injury attorney will consider every detail of a bike crash to adopt a winning strategy.

Are Cyclists Required to Wear Helmets in Texas?

Texas has no universal law requiring bicyclists to wear helmets, although the state encourages the practice in its advertising. Some municipalities have enacted bicycle helmet laws. For instance, all cyclists and their passengers must wear helmets on the City of Dallas’ public roads and trails.

Even though bike riders have no duty to wear helmets, if an accident with head injuries occurs, an insurance adjuster or jury could look at it as if the cyclist would not have had such injuries if a helmet had been used. These are tactics used to reduce settlements and damage awards. Talk to a seasoned legal professional as soon as possible if head injuries are involved following a bicycle collision in Garland.

Enlist the Help of a Garland Bicycle Accident Attorney

More people are routinely picking up bicycling around Garland, known for its fabulous trails. The downside is cycling in some areas of Garland that are extremely busy during rush hour, adding to the potential that cyclists will be hurt—or worse—killed in traffic accidents.

If a reckless driver causes a collision and you are injured, call our compassionate attorneys for a consultation about your unique situation. We understand how serious your condition is—both physical and financial—after a motorist crashes into your bicycle. The at-fault party should compensate you for your losses, either through insurance or a negligence lawsuit. A Garland bicycle accident lawyer is standing by ready to listen and act on your behalf.

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