Garland Car Accident Lawyer

Auto collisions cause more physical injuries to Americans yearly than any other kind of accident, and the Lone Star State sees almost half a million wrecks per annum. Unfortunately, most of these incidents only happen because one or more people involved were acting in a reckless, careless, or illegal way. Fortunately, that means people injured in wrecks often have grounds to pursue civil restitution from the parties responsible for harming them.

Guidance from a Garland car accident lawyer could make a massive difference in how efficiently and effectively you could pursue a civil claim. Especially in situations where the question of who bears fault for your crash does not have a clear answer, a seasoned personal injury attorney’s support could be vital to obtaining the compensation you need for your losses.

Holding Someone Liable for a Car Crash

In practice, holding someone else liable for causing harm in a motor vehicle accident means proving they were legally “negligent” in some way. More specifically, this means showing through a preponderance of all available evidence that all the following conditions apply to a particular scenario:

  • The party being sued owed a duty to the person filing suit to act responsibly and reasonably under specific circumstances
  • The party breached their duty by acting in some irresponsible way
  • That breach was the proximate cause of the wreck or other accident which, without the breach of duty, likely would never have happened
  • The complaining party suffered injuries as a result of the wreck or other accident

Every driver has the same basic “duty” to follow the law, watch for other cars and pedestrians, and generally react as a reasonable person would to conditions they encounter while driving. However, establishing that a breach occurred and connecting it directly to an ensuing crash can be difficult without a capable Garland car crash attorney’s assistance.

How Comparative Fault Could Impact Recovery

If a car wreck victim can prove someone else is completely to blame for causing the incident, that injured person can demand compensation for all their recoverable damages, which may include both economic and non-economic losses like:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future wage loss
  • Car repair/replacement costs and other personal property damage
  • Physical pain from suffering
  • Emotional/psychological trauma
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost quality of life from long-term harm

However, if a court finds that a car accident victim’s own traffic violation, loss of concentration, or another form of negligence contributed to causing their injuries, the court may reduce their final damage award or bar them from recovery completely. A seasoned auto accident lawyer in Garland could explain how modified comparative fault works in more detail during a confidential consultation.

Contact a Garland Car Accident Attorney for Help

Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatic and life-altering even if you do not suffer serious physical harm. Getting paid fairly after a wreck caused by someone else can also be tremendously stressful, particularly without representation from qualified legal counsel.

A Garland car accident lawyer’s guidance could be the difference maker when it comes to obtaining a positive result from your settlement demand or lawsuit. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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