Garland Slip and Fall Lawyer

A sudden fall can lead to severe injuries, particularly if you fall awkwardly against an unforgiving surface or hit a sensitive part of the body, like the head or neck. Whether an accident of this nature has minor or life-altering repercussions, though, the process of holding a landowner liable can be time-consuming, legally complex, and difficult to manage alone.

Working closely with a Garland slip and fall lawyer could make a difference in how effectively you can pursue your claim. An experienced personal injury attorney’s guidance could be key, not just to building a strong case custom-tailored to your circumstances and demanding fair restitution for all available damages, but also to navigating around common legal obstacles that might otherwise inhibit your recovery efforts.

How Fault Works in Slip and Fall Cases

Personal injury lawsuits built around slipping and tripping accidents are governed by premises liability law, under which property owners have different “duties” to protect different types of “visitors” on their land. People who slip or trip and fall in places like retail stores where their presence benefits the landowner can expect that landowner to:

  • Warn of all hazards they know about
  • Resolve known hazards within a reasonable time
  • Regularly inspect their property, so they become aware of new hazards

People who get hurt this way on other types of property or under different circumstances may have additional filing options that a seasoned Garland slip and fall attorney could explain in more detail during an initial meeting.

If a property visitor does have the standing to file a lawsuit or demand a settlement over a slip or trip and fall, they must not only prove the landowner failed to meet their established duty and directly caused their injury but also that they themselves were not negligent in a way that contributed to causing the accident.

What Losses Could Be Compensable?

Fortunately, someone who can avoid issues with comparative fault can seek compensation from a negligent landowner for the full value of losses caused by their slip and fall accident, including:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost working income and/or ability
  • Personal property damage
  • Emotional/psychological trauma
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical pain and discomfort

However, even if a slip and fall causes permanent and debilitating harm, victims generally only have two years after getting hurt to file suit, as per Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003. Representation from a skilled trip and fall lawyer in Garland can be vital to building and formally beginning a solid case within this deadline.

A Garland Slip and Fall Attorney Could Help

Slipping or tripping on someone else’s land can cause a great deal of physical harm and create a complicated situation in terms of civil recovery options. Even if you have been involved in civil litigation before, handling this type of case alone is likely to have a poor outcome for you.

Guidance from a Garland slip and fall lawyer could help tip the odds of a positive case result in your favor and be essential to maximizing the compensation you receive. Call today for a consultation.

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