Lewisville Child Injury Lawyer

Lewisville Child Injury Lawyer

Minor bumps and bruises are expected for children as they grow up, but serious childhood injuries can have lifelong implications. Children do not know how to prevent accidents and instead rely on adults to protect them. When someone else fails to protect a minor by acting negligently or recklessly, they can seriously injure or even kill that child.

If you believe that somebody else’s wrongdoing hurt your child, you may have grounds for civil litigation against the responsible party. A skilled Lewisville child injury lawyer could help you find out what happened and hold the responsible parties accountable in a personal injury lawsuit. A hardworking injury attorney could represent you and your family’s best interests during settlement negotiations or, if necessary, in trial.

Causes of Childhood Injuries in Lewisville

Although kids get minor injuries every day, some of the most significant, life-altering injuries occur due to preventable accidents. This includes, but is not limited to:

Determining the exact cause of a child’s injury can be difficult, especially if the child is not yet old enough to advocate for themself. Fortunately, a skilled Lewisville attorney could review all of the relevant evidence and piece together a better picture of precisely what happened and who might be legally at fault for the child’s harm.

Statute of Limitation Exceptions for Minor Claimants

A complicated aspect of child injury cases is the long-term impact a severe injury could have on a minor’s future. Children may need medical care, therapy, medical devices, and rehabilitation for many years to come. If the child’s injury results in permanent disability or disfigurement, a Lewisville attorney may bring in an expert to calculate the long-term impact this harm could have on the child.

Fortunately, Texas recognizes that not all childhood injuries are immediately apparent and affords families until two years after a child turns 18 to file suit. However, it is still critical to reach out for qualified legal assistance as soon as possible. A dedicated attorney could gather testimony before eyewitnesses’ memories begin to fade and locate and secure all necessary evidence before it becomes lost.

Get in Touch with a Lewisville Child Injury Attorney Today

Having your child suffer harm in an avoidable accident is devastating. Fortunately, the state allows you to bring forward a civil claim against the party responsible for your child’s injuries. A well-rounded damage claim could take into account the long-term financial and personal losses your child may suffer as a result of their harm.

However, putting together an effective claim could be difficult without guidance from a skilled injury attorney. By working with a reliable Lewisville child injury lawyer, you could trust that your case is getting the attention it deserves so you can focus on helping your child recover. To learn more about what our team could do for you, call today and schedule a free case evaluation.

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