Lewisville Truck Accident Lawyer

Lewisville Truck Accident Lawyer

If a truck driver acts recklessly or carelessly behind the wheel, or if a trucking company or other third party fails to fulfill their obligations to create a safe driving environment, serious accidents may result. Due to their large size, commercial vehicles can cause catastrophic harm to the occupants of passenger vehicles in the event of a wreck.

If you were recently hurt in an auto accident involving an 18-wheeler, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you file civil suit. A Lewisville truck accident lawyer could ensure you seek all available compensation for your losses.

Does Liability Change for Commercial Vehicle Drivers?

Truck accident claims are somewhat unique among other types of personal injury litigation, primarily because of the number of ways liability could be assigned. An injured claimant could establish liability by proving a truck driver drove recklessly or violated a rule of the road, such as by speeding or failing to yield, resulting in the collision that caused their injuries.

In addition, a lot more restrictions apply to commercial vehicle drivers than apply to regular commuters, at both the state and federal levels. Liability for violating state or federal trucking regulations may fall to either the truck driver directly involved in an accident or the company who employed that driver, depending on the circumstances. A local attorney familiar with trucking regulations could establish this violation was the cause of the crash making the truck driver liable.

Third parties may also bear liability for certain types of wrecks. For instance, if a mechanic fails to replace a faulty part or a packing company does not secure a trailer load appropriately, they could be obligated to pay for a claimant’s damages if their negligent behavior directly results in a wreck.

What to Do Following a Collision with a Truck

Even before retaining legal counsel, the first thing a claimant should do to strengthen their civil case is seek professional medical attention as soon as possible after the collision with an 18-wheeler. Formal diagnosis and documentation of crash-related injuries can be crucial in demonstrating fault for them and proving they were caused by the accident in question during civil litigation.

Additionally, people injured in truck crashes should provide their Lewisville attorney with as much evidence of defendant fault as they can. Photographs of the accident scene, medical notes and bills, as well as contact information for witnesses and responding police officers can be critical components of a successful civil claim.

Finally, injured parties should be sure not to wait too long to start the civil litigation process so they do not violate the applicable statute of limitations. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, civil claimants typically only have two years after being involved in an accident to file suit for those injuries.  However, it is recommended that you pursue a case right away, especially when large trucks are involved.  Key evidence that trucking companies and other commercial vehicles must maintain can legally disappear if action is not taken immediately to preserve critical evidence.  Do not wait if you are seriously injured in a wreck with a large truck or other commercial vehicle.

Contact a Lewisville Truck Accident Attorney Right Away

Truck crashes can often result in more devastating injuries than accidents involving smaller vehicles, and they often make for more complex civil litigation as well. Without guidance from a seasoned legal professional, you may be at a significant disadvantage trying to negotiate for the compensation you deserve.

Working with a skilled Lewisville truck accident lawyer could help you protect your legal rights and best interests after a truck crash. To set up a meeting and talk about your legal options, call today.

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