Lewisville Bus Accident Lawyer

Lewisville Bus Accident Lawyer

Even when they are not carrying their full capacity of passengers, commercial and municipal buses are large vehicles that can cause significant damage to any commuter car they collide with. When an accident occurs at high speeds, buses may collect multiple other vehicles during a skid or even roll over multiple times, resulting in catastrophic harm to potentially dozens of people at once.

No matter what circumstances led up to a bus wreck, you should get in touch with a personal injury attorney before trying to pursue civil litigation for your injuries by yourself. A qualified Lewisville bus accident lawyer could ensure you understand your legal options and rights, work with you to conclusively establish fault, and help you tenaciously pursue the compensation you deserve.

Filing Suit Against a Private Bus Company

State law classifies private commercial buses as “common carriers,” which means operators of these vehicles have an even greater responsibility to act safely behind the wheel than other drivers. In addition to following normal traffic laws and maintaining awareness of their surroundings, bus drivers must also:

  • Remain physically and mentally able to perform their job well
  • Ensure their passengers can board and disembark safely
  • Keep a safe distance away from other vehicles at all times.

If a bus driver does anything reckless or careless that constitutes a violation of this duty, their employer may bear civil liability for the consequences of any accident that results. Additionally, companies that own and/or operate commercial buses may be directly at fault for wrecks caused by issues like faulty maintenance, negligent hiring practices, and unreasonable working conditions that compel drivers to work while fatigued.

In some situations, fault for an accident involving a commercial bus may not lie with the driver or owner of that bus. For example, if someone in a commuter car runs a red light and gets in a crash with a bus driver who was fulfilling their duty of care, a Lewisville attorney could help file a settlement demand or lawsuit against the negligent third-party driver, rather than the bus driver or their employer.

What If a Wreck Involves a Government-Owned Bus?

Unfortunately, the state of Texas imposes unique restrictions on bus accident litigation if the bus in question is a municipal or state-owned vehicle. While municipal bus drivers and operating entities are not completely immune from civil litigation, the deadline to notify such an entity of the intent to file suit is just six months after an accident. This means these types of cases have significantly shorter filing deadlines than typical personal injury claims.

Furthermore, a claimant filing suit over a municipal bus accident can only recover compensation up to $250,000 for all their injuries and losses, and no municipal entity may bear liability for more than $500,000 worth of losses stemming from a single accident. Working with a skilled bus wreck lawyer in the area is often essential when it comes to maximizing recovery in this kind of claim.

Talk to a Lewisville Bus Accident Attorney Today

Depending on the circumstances, bus accidents can often be much more dangerous than wrecks involving commuter cars and cause harm to a greater number of people. On top of that, many rules and restrictions apply to bus accident litigation pursued against municipal entities that do not apply to other claims, making civil recovery a particularly challenging endeavor.

For this reason, it is advised that you seek legal representation from a reliable attorney in the area. Call a Lewisville bus accident lawyer at our firm to improve your odds of success.

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