McKinney Car Accident Settlements

For many involved in a car wreck, a preferable option to trial may be to settle their case. This could prove to be difficult as it takes the two parties involved to participate in McKinney car accident settlements.

A skilled car accident lawyer may know a suitable way to achieve this outcome for you. By contacting a McKinney personal injury lawyer, you could help to build your case to prepare properly for a settlement hearing.

Common Situations for Car Accident Settlements

When settlements occur it could be due to the surmounting evidence found by a party before a lawsuit has officially been filed. A settlement package is something that could be put together that shows all the evidence of liability and damages. Settlement packages tend to describe the following:

  • How the accident and following injuries may have impacted the plaintiff’s life
  • How the plaintiff is recovering
  • Possible long-term consequences

The settlement packages could be constructed to give an insurance company the evidence needed to start a settlement process.

How Does an Insurance Company Handle Settlements?

Following an accident, an insurance company may choose to assess the case and begin developing demands. When cases are not settled at this stage, lawsuits could be filed and the discovery process could begin. The discovery process consists of several components of paper discovery, such as interrogatories, disclosure requests, and requests for production. An attorney could also receive the following:

  • Live sequencing records
  • Videotapes
  • Photographs

Discovery could be developed and put in the proper form so that both sides could use it any McKinney car accident settlements. Following the discovery phase, statements could be taken from the witnesses to the accident. These could be used to develop the medical evidence necessary to prove damages.

Using Mediation as a Form of Settlement

Mediation could be used to provide another means for a settlement to be reached before going to trial. Mediation is an assistance settlement conference because the mediator does not have the power to dictate a result to any party.

A successful mediation could resolve the claim and settle the case. Mediation could require plaintiffs to take less compensation and therefore could showcase the importance of having an adept car accident attorney present. McKinney car accident settlements could also be affected by the parties involved and how serious they are about settling the case.

Negotiations Following A Car Wreck

Another opportunity for McKinney car accident settlements could be during a trial or after the verdict. A trial offers the opportunity to bring in new evidence and/or keep existing evidence out and could make all parties re-evaluate the risk of loss which could lead to claim settlement. Negotiations could also occur during the trial which may or may not result in a settlement. If there is no settlement, the case goes to judgment where one side objectively could win.

Cases could also be sent back to mediation after judgment in which case there could be a chance for resolution. If there is an appeal made, the winner of the appeal could go through post-judgment collection procedures. The procedures may involve a sheriff or constable who could seize the property of the losing party and sell it to satisfy the judgment. Following the aftermath of a car accident, an individual may want to reach a settlement as quickly as possible. Those who have been injured in car accident cases should contact a driven car wreck lawyer that could build their cases.

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