Common Causes of Spinal Damage

Spinal cord injuries are commonly caused by some type of trauma, such as falling objects or medical error. There also are people who trip, slip and fall, causing damage to the spine. However, the most common cause of a spinal cord injury is car and truck wrecks. These collisions can cause whiplash, fractures, and even paralysis. A lawyer in McKinney could build a claim depending on the specific cause of the spinal cord injury.

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How Can a Claimant Improve Their Spine Injury Case?

If a person is suspected of having damaged their spinal cord, it is imperative that no one but medical personal try to move the individual, as any small movement could do further damage and render somebody a paraplegic or quadriplegic. In severe cases, it could fatal, depending on where on the spinal cord is affected.

Receiving Therapy

Another helpful thing is to get any therapy they need and seeing experts so the McKinney lawyer can build up the claim by putting evidence together to show the spinal cord injury has also resulted in financial losses. This could include a meeting with an occupational rehabilitation person, economist, or life-care planner to provide evidence of financial losses and needs the spinal cord injured person will need.

Staying Off Social Media

Another thing people suffering from a spinal cord injury can do to help their McKinney lawyer is stay off social media. While a family member can post that a claimant was in a wreck and hurt, they should stay off social media beyond that. The defense will use any social media postings to minimize a claimant’s injuries.

Seeking Medical Treatment

It is important that people seek medical attention even if they feel fine after a wreck or other accident. Some back and neck injuries can be so severe that it can impair the body’s ability to feel that they are hurt, so it is imperative to be checked out immediately after an accident. If any area where nerves run off the spinal cord is injured, someone can have loss of function or feeling. That can result in incontinence, sexual dysfunction, inability to walk, or inability to grasp or grab things.  If it is a case of a blown or bulged disc impinging on the spinal cord or nerve, which is a more common type of spinal cord injury that results from vehicle crashes, it is critical that the person seek help from doctors. Besides seeking immediate medical attention, other things clients can do to help their McKinney attorney with their spine injury case is to ensure all their medical treatment and costs are well documented. They should talk to their doctors about them and always make sure that the medical records are consistent. It is critical for their lawyers to have consistent medical records, because if they do not, insurance companies and the defense will try to make it look like the claimant’s injuries were not the result of the accident.

Collecting and Presenting Evidence

Texas relies on certain standards to make sure an expert’s opinion in court is sustainable and reliable science. To be sustainable, the attorney must show that the evidence is is reliable from a methodology standpoint, and the expert has the right qualifications and followed the right methodology in preparing his or her expert opinions.  Lawyers must evaluate the opinions and reliability of the injured person’s own experts to insure that evidence and testimony is both admissible and effective.


Evidence disappears, so preserving it is imperative. Preserving the names of people who are on the scene, witness statements, and videos or photographs of the incident can be critical evidence and should be preserved as soon as possible. An experienced spinal cord injury attorney in McKinney will know what whether is important to collect for a case.


Evidence used to establish liability in a spinal cord injury case helps a McKinney attorney prove who is at fault and why. For instance, in a vehicle wreck, drivers are expected to follow traffic laws. In determining liability, the lawyer might present evidence that those rules were violated by the defendant, resulting in a spine injury. In a trucking case, they may look deeper to prove liability, including why the driver violated the rule. Was the truck driver too tired, did they not comply with the rules requiring a certain amount of rest, or did they not look at their vehicle in a pre-trip inspection the way they are supposed to? If there was equipment failure or the brakes were not working the way they should, was the vehicle inspected properly the way the rules say it should be, and should it not have been on the road to begin with? An attorney would present evidence proving truck driver negligence resulting in spinal cord damage.

Contact a McKinney Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

Very often when someone has spinal cord injuries, the long-term implications are not known. It can sometimes be something simple that requires minor treatment to fully recover. However, it can also result in emergency surgeries and long-term paralysis. In any of those situations, it is incumbent you get legal representation. A skilled attorney could ensure you seek compensation to cover all your long-term needs resulting from the spine damage. Call today to schedule your initial case consultation with a McKinney spinal cord injury lawyer.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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