Role of a McKinney Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

A traumatic injury attorney has many roles when handling a spinal cord injury case in McKinney. A lawyer is someone who the injured person and their family might look to for compassion and guidance. The role of a McKinney spinal cord injury attorney is to let the family know that there is hope and to give them a personalized plan to help achieve a positive outcome. Without hope, the circumstances and aftermath of spinal cord injuries can be devastating for everyone.

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How Could an Attorney HelpSomeone Suffering from Spinal Cord Damage?

Lawyers handling cases involving catastrophic injuries could give an injured person and their family hope by helping them develop a plan for moving forward. When lawyers provide good planning and a strong personalized recovery claim, they give people the opportunity to live productive lives. Lawyers may need to set up letters of protection to make sure that injured claimants get the treatment they need, even if they do not have health insurance or the money to pay for it upfront. If it is simply too expensive to use health insurance, a spinal cord injury lawyer should be capable of utilizing letters of protection to pay the doctor or hospital once the service is done.

It is up to the attorney to gather and preserve evidence from the accident and collect documents proving a claimant’s losses, such as medical bills. Well-practiced attorneys also have the resources to enlist the help of expert witnesses, accident reconstructionists, and analysts in cases that require them. One great example of this is when Governor Greg Abbott was paralyzed from the waist down. Despite his paralysis, he has accomplished great things, partly because he had a significant injury lawsuit. He received good care and has a life care plan in place. Governor Abbott has structured annuities that pay him and other people to give him continual care. As a result, he has gone on to be a Supreme Court justice and is now governor of Texas.

Developing a Long-Term Insurance Plan

A lawyer in McKinney could help someone with a spinal cord injury obtain a long-term  care plan by preparing it for them, particularly if their injury was caused by somebody else’s negligence.. Lawyers could hire the proper medical personnel to help injured individuals or their families create care plans. An attorney could also explain what a claimant needs to do and when, as well as ensure they are aware of what the services should cost. In typical liability claims, a skilled legal team could make sure that a long-term care plan is in place and that all the claimant’s needs are considered in that plan. An individual could obtain a disability policy if they have a spinal cord injury. However, people should have disability policies in place in advance if they want to protect themselves in the event of a devastating injury, such as paralysis.

These policies and plans are important for managing long-term care. For that reason, and even in non-fault insurance situations, insurance companies often get a medical management team to evaluate what injured people might need, when they might need it, and what it should cost so that they can educate families. There are many things that a person might need after a spinal cord injury that, while necessary, are not strictly considered medical. That treatment should still be available to provide the best care for the injured person. Proper care after damage to the spine can help someone live a full, long life. Otherwise, life expectancy could be materially shortened primarily because small issues might not be caught early on.

What Qualities Should a Person Look For in a Spine Injury Attorney?

Legal professionals in McKinney should be empathetic when someone seeks their advice about a spine injury. It is important that lawyers know deeply what each claimant and their families are going through rather than having a solely procedural approach. Attorneys should do what they need to do to preserve evidence, provide necessary care, and be the counselor that the injured party needs. Lawyers should also provide regular updates and help intervene if health insurance does not provide what it should to ensure that the injured individual has proper care.

It is also important in catastrophic injury cases that lawyers have teams of qualified people in each position who can handle the claimant’s lawsuit. A significant part of an attorney’s job should be ensuring that they have the professional staff necessary to provide the care an injured party requires. Lawyers and their teams should pursue damages aggressively so that injured clients can receive the recovery they need to address this aspect of their lives. Claimants should also make sure the law firm is experienced in traumatic injury cases. Lawyers should also be experienced enough to understand the different legal requirements for proving fault in each claimant’s situation.


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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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