Calculating Damages in the McKinney Dog Bite Case

In a case such as the McKinney dog bite case, the damage calculation is something that a lawyer is looking at throughout the process. This firm meets regularly to go over its cases to see what is needed to prosecute the case and to look at the damages to make sure they are accurate. The higher the damages, the more the firm can afford to spend to build a solid case that will still be economically feasible for the client.  However, if there are limited amounts of liability insurance or other sources of funds, the lawyer must factor that in when deciding how much money can be spent prosecuting the case. Experienced lawyers will know how much work and expense on a case is reasonable and go over that with the client, who always gets the final say in the demand we make.

The client has to live with the results while the lawyer moves on to another case, so it is important that the client is empowered to have the final say. The relationship is almost like a junior partner-senior partner one, with the client the senior partner. The junior partner’s job is to provide the best counsel possible so the client has the information they need to make a good decision that is in their best interests.

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