Rockwall Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses form an essential part of the transportation infrastructure in Rockwall and the surrounding area. Under Texas state law, bus drivers and their operating companies have a duty to keep other people on the road safe. This extends to other motorists, pedestrians, and even the passengers within the bus itself. Any person who suffers an injury because of a bus driver’s negligence has a right to demand compensation for their losses.

If you were hurt, a seasoned Rockwall bus accident lawyer could help you pursue legal action. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys could take the necessary steps to protect your rights while gathering the evidence needed to prove a bus driver’s misconduct.

Obligations of Bus Drivers to Provide Protection

Every motorist on Rockwall’s roads shares the same obligation to drive in a responsible manner. This duty even applies to the drivers of large, commercial vehicles like buses. These operators must follow speed limits, obey all traffic laws, and stop for pedestrians at appropriate times.

Bus operators’ have additional safety measures they must take when driving due to the construction of their vehicles. Buses have various blind spots that require drivers to take extra care when changing lanes. They must also remain aware of the large size of their vehicles and the resulting slow movement and additional mass. This means that bus drivers must take special precautions while behind the wheel of these vehicles.

This duty also extends to the passengers inside the bus itself. Even in single-vehicle accidents, where a bus runs up a curb, hits a light pole, or collides with a parked car, the people inside may suffer traumatic injuries. Because the driver owes these people a duty of protection, they may pursue claims for damages. A knowledgeable Rockwall bus accident attorney could provide guidance as to the obligations of bus drivers and their employers towards drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Pursuing Claims for Appropriate Compensation

No matter who the injured person is, they still need to build a negligence case against the at-fault party. This often includes taking steps to justify their own actions prior to the incident. This especially applies to injured individuals who were driving their own cars at the time of the collision.

Texas Civil Practice & Remedy Code §33.003 establishes the doctrine of modified comparative negligence for personal injury cases centered around negligence. This means that a court will reduce a claimant’s award at trial if a jury determines that their own carelessness contributed to the accident. If this amount rises to 51 percent or more, the court will not award any compensation and the claimant will be barred from any amount of recovery. An experienced bus crash lawyer in Rockwall could help prove bus driver negligence and refute allegations that an injured party carried any blame for the incident.

It is essential to promote the most persuasive possible case. Many victims in bus collision cases suffer severe physical injuries that can include:

  • Severe cuts and bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Separated joints
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Many bus crash victims also need to deal with lost income from being left unable to work and possible emotional trauma connected to the incident. A bus driver, company, or manufacturer found to be responsible for a collision has a legal obligation to provide fair financial recovery for all of these losses. A diligent bus wreck lawyer in Rockwall could help file a comprehensive claim for damages.

Reach Out to a Rockwall Bus Accident Attorney Immediately

Bus accidents are similar to most other personal injury claims that may occur on the road. These drivers have a duty to protect other motorists, pedestrians, and even their own passengers. Anyone who suffers an injury because of the carelessness of these drivers has the ability to demand payments for their losses.

A Rockwall bus accident lawyer could fight for the compensation you deserve to help you recover fully after a severe crash. Contact our office today to get started.

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