Sachse Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

All people should be able to cross the street without fear that a motor vehicle will hit them. Unfortunately, cars hit people frequently, often leaving victims with devastating injuries. You can seek compensation for your injuries if you were hit in a parking lot, on the sidewalk, or while using a crosswalk. The driver who hit you should be held accountable and compensate you fairly. We are here to fight on your behalf.

A Sachse pedestrian accident lawyer at McCraw Law Group could help you receive the payments you deserve. Our dedicated injury attorneys are ready to investigate the crash’s cause, evaluate its effects on your life, and fight so the at-fault driver pays comprehensive damages.

Proving That Negligence Caused Pedestrian Injuries

Collisions involving motor vehicles and pedestrians are almost always someone’s fault; however, the law never presumes that one party is to blame. A person’s status as a pedestrian does not automatically mean that a driver is responsible for the collision. Instead, injured pedestrians must prove that a driver’s negligence caused the accident.

One way to prove negligence is to demonstrate that the driver violated a road rule leading to the crash. A typical example is the state’s law concerning crosswalks. According to Texas Transportation Code § 552.003, drivers must yield to pedestrians using crosswalks to pass over a road or street. As a result, if a collision occurs while a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, the driver is likely responsible.

Other cases rely on driver carelessness or inattentiveness as the reason for accidents. Distractions due to conversations, changing a radio station, or eating while behind the wheel may all prove fault in a pedestrian accident. A detail-oriented Sachse pedestrian accident attorney could obtain the information needed to build a robust case against the driver. Our skilled lawyers could use this evidence to prove fault in discussions with insurance companies or when presenting a case before the jury.

Negligent Drivers Must Provide Full Compensation to Injured Pedestrians

Proving fault for a crash is only part of a successful pedestrian accident case. It is equally important to demonstrate how that event has affected an injured person’s life.

Concussions, broken bones, and spinal cord injuries frequently result from collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians. Our diligent attorneys could demand payment for outstanding medical bills from the injured pedestrian’s recovery treatment. An injured party could also seek compensation for lost quality of life due to pain and suffering or emotional trauma. We could also demand reimbursement for lost wages due to time missed on the job.

Our seasoned pedestrian injury lawyers in Sachse could evaluate the impact of an event to demand total compensation from insurance companies and the negligent driver.

Speak With a Sachse Pedestrian Accident Attorney Today

Collisions between automobiles and people on foot can result in devastating, life-altering injuries. Accidents can affect your physical health and change your daily routine, making supporting yourself and your family challenging. A reckless driver should be held accountable and pay comprehensive compensation for your losses.

A Sachse pedestrian accident lawyer at McCraw Law Group could help by thoroughly investigating the incident, proving fault for the crash, and connecting your losses to the event. Contact us today to learn more about how we could help you obtain the financial recovery you deserve.

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