Sachse Premises Liability Lawyer

Whenever you step onto property owned or operated by someone else, the owner/operator has a “duty” to protect you from injuries caused by unreasonably dangerous hazards on their land. However, this “duty of care” does not make landowners automatically liable for every accident on their property, and proving that a landowner should be responsible for your specific injuries can be more complicated than you might expect.

Guidance from a seasoned Sachse premises liability lawyer can make a huge difference in your ability to achieve a positive result from this sort of claim and get every cent of the compensation you need for your losses. No matter how your accident happened or what injuries you need to recover for, your dedicated personal injury attorney could ensure you understand all your options and work diligently to enforce your rights.

When Are Sachse Property Owners Liable for Injuries?

The existence of a “duty of care” is a key part of every personal injury claim based around legal negligence, including those pursued under premises liability law after an accident on someone else’s private property. In brief, someone who directly causes or allows someone else to get hurt by “breaching” their duty of care can be held financially liable for every negative effect that injury will have on the injured person’s life in the short and long term.

Landowners in Sachse and throughout Texas owe different duties of care to different types of property visitors, as our qualified premises liability attorneys could explain in more detail. To sum up, though, landowners here have no duty of care to protect unlawful trespassers from accidental injuries. However, they—the landowners—still cannot do anything to intentionally harm a trespasser by deliberately creating hazardous property conditions.

Landowners owe a greater duty of care to “licensees” visiting their property lawfully and for their own benefit, which requires those landowners to provide a warning about hazards already known to them and to correct those hazards reasonably quickly after discovering them. The most substantial duty of care, though, is owed to “invitees” visiting exclusively for the landowner’s benefit or for everyone’s mutual benefit, as landowners must additionally inspect their property on a regular basis so they discover previously unknown hazards early enough to warn invitees about them.

Recovering for All Available Damages

A negligent landowner found legally liable for a visitor’s injuries can be made to pay for both economic and non-economic losses resulting from those injuries, including:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost working capacity and earnings
  • Personal property damage/loss
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Lost enjoyment of life and other effects of permanent disfigurement/disability

That said, there are various legal and procedural roadblocks which, if an injured party is not prepared to navigate around, can reduce the total compensation available to them or even result in them getting no payments at all. Support from a skilled premises liability lawyer in Sachse can be key to avoiding these outcomes and maximizing civil recovery.

Get in Touch with a Sachse Premises Liability Attorney Today

Property liability law is deceptively complex, and using it to your advantage after getting hurt on someone else’s land can be challenging. Fortunately, assistance is available from tenacious legal professionals who know exactly how to handle cases like yours and proactively demand compensation on behalf of people like you.

Representation from a Sachse premises liability lawyer at McCraw Law Group could dramatically boost your chances of securing a favorable case resolution. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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