Allen Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Allen Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accidents can be unsettling events that could have significant consequences. This may be especially true in the case of rear-end automobile crashes which often occur when a motorist is halted at a red light or a stop sign. When a car rear ends you and causes serious injuries, an Allen rear-end car accident lawyer can help.

A knowledgeable car crash attorney can help you assess your case to determine your legal options. If you have a viable claim they may be able to help you through the process to seek the compensation you deserve.

Transportation Statues for Allen Drivers

According to Sec. 601.501 of the State Transportation Code, licensed motor vehicle operators are required to carry a minimum level of auto insurance, also referred to as financial responsibility, in the event they become involved in an accident.

Texas is considered a fault state, which means one insured driver is legally permitted to take civil action against another driver and recoup damages to be paid out by the insurance carrier of the motorist deemed at fault for causing the mishap. To do so, it may be helpful to speak with a well-versed Allen rear-end auto collision lawyer.

What Are the Reasons to Speak to An Attorney?

Texas employs the Modified Comparative Fault rule. This legal instrument enables courts or juries to determine and assign a certain percentage of blame to all parties involved in a specific vehicle accident. However, a plaintiff seeking damages in an auto mishap claim must able to prove that the other parties to the accident were at least 51 percent at fault to recoup damages.

That said, to be successful, a person must show that the other motorist’s negligence was not only responsible for the accident, but any vehicular damages or bodily injuries they sustained were the direct result of the collision. For example, they might need to produce medical records demonstrating any personal injury claims are for maladies that did not exist prior to the accident.

A rear-end motor vehicle accident lawyer in Allen can help gather pertinent information such as police reports and medical records, properly interpret these pieces of evidence, and formulate arguments that make the plaintiff’s case stronger.

Damages from a Rear-End Auto Collision

A plaintiff may seek financial compensation related to any personal injury or vehicle damages. This includes various categories that cover physical economic losses and more intangible noneconomic losses:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Medical Expenses

The extent of a person’s medical bills could vary depending upon the severity of the collision. However, compensation might be sought for:

  • Emergency care given in the accident’s immediate aftermath
  • The ongoing treatment or therapy needed to remedy lingering accident-related health issues
  • Medication costs
  • Doctor visits

An Allen rear-end car wreck attorney could consult with medical professionals to estimate what such costs would be over the long-haul and ask the court to award the plaintiff that figure.

Could Someone Be Compensated for Lost Wages and Pain/Suffering?

More severe physical or internal injuries may inhibit the plaintiff’s ability to work. In such instances, a person could seek compensation for lost future earnings. Should someone’s injuries be serious enough, they might experience continual pain that could make simple tasks and everyday living a much greater challenge. Such circumstances might not only result in physical, but also mental and emotional discomfort.

Let an Allen Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Help

Rear-end automobile accidents often happen abruptly and have the potential to cause significant injury to your person and vehicle. That said, an Allen rear-end car accident lawyer may be able to help. A dedicated personal injury lawyer could review your case and formulate a strategy that might help you recoup the damages necessary to begin the process of recovery. Call today to get started.

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