Allen Uber Accident Lawyer

Allen Uber Accident Lawyer

In Allen, the most popular hired vehicle is probably an Uber. The taxi situation here was never fully-developed because this area was small and has grown very fast in a short period of time. The hired Uber or Lyft driver tends to be the method of choice by people who do not have their own vehicles or who choose not to use them.

When Ubers are involved in accidents, the liability situation can become much more complex than in regular car accidents. Multiple insurance companies may be involved, and injury victims often have difficulty recovering the compensation they need. If you were injured in an Uber crash, a qualified car accident attorney could help you recover damages. Our team of Allen Uber accident lawyers are standing by to assist with your case.

Uber Usage in Allen

Local personal injury attorneys are seeing an increased usage of Uber and other hired drivers in Allen. People often use them to go back and forth from the airport if they do not want to leave their cars at DFW or Love Field. Allen is now starting to foster a nightlife, and as that continues to develop, there will be more and more use of Uber and Lyft drivers. People who go out and enjoy a glass of wine or beer will use an Uber or Lyft driver so that they do not expose themselves or anybody else to danger.

Common Carrier Insurance Coverage

Allen is not yet an urban area, and it does not have a mass public transportation system. That is one of the reasons there are so many car wrecks here. Allen does have some taxis, and the taxi laws require a certain minimum amount of insurance. The taxi laws are also radically changing because of the advent of Uber and Lyft.

Those common carriers like Uber and Lyft actually have a three-step process as to whether or not they are covered under the Uber or Lyft insurance policy. If a driver merely has the app and it is not turned on, then Uber or Lyft will not provide any insurance coverage if there is a wreck, even if there is a sign on the car. They do provide coverage once the drivers turn on their apps and are physically driving to pick up a fare or drop off a fare. During the time that an Uber driver actually has a fare in the vehicle, they have the highest level of insurance coverage.

Determining who has liability in an Uber accident can be a complicated job, but an Allen Uber accident lawyer is up to the task. They could look at the facts of an accident to determine what party is liable for damages and hold them accountable.

Uber Insurance Under State Law

The state law does require Uber and Lyft to have insurance coverage in the event that the driver is working for them, but the amount of coverage required is in flux. Right now, that took up an amount of time in the legislature the last session. Most people are coming to realize that as transportation moves towards the ridesharing model, it is important to make sure that drivers have adequate coverage in the event they are involved in terrible weather.

How an Allen Uber Accident Attorney Could Help

Even if insurance coverage is available to help with your Uber accident injuries, receiving that compensation could be challenging. Insurance companies have an incentive to settle claims for the lowest possible amount or avoid payments altogether. Thankfully, an Allen Uber accident lawyer could negotiate on your behalf. Get in touch with our team of skilled personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

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