Role of an Allen Side-Impact Collision Attorney

Role of an Allen Side-Impact Collision Attorney

If you have been injured in a side-impact car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced lawyer could help you hold the liable party accountable so that you can get the recovery you deserve. Call today to learn more about the role of an Allen side-impact collision attorney. Let a side-impact car wreck lawyer fight for your rights and help you understand your legal options.

Preserving Evidence

An attorney is uniquely situated to preserve evidence immediately. To do so, the attorney’s office needs to be organized correctly. It may be difficult for a standalone attorney to do that if they are in court, which happens a lot. The attorney’s office could dispatch a team of advisors from investigators to accident reconstructionists who is ready, willing, and able to preserve all available evidence immediately.

Over time, evidence could disappear. The skid marks on the road can go away over time, and intersections could change as well. Certainly, construction in fast-growing areas of North Texas changes on a weekly or monthly basis. Which means that new lanes appear and old paths are taken away as infrastructure is added to and improved over time. The role of an Allen side-impact collision lawyer is to preserve evidence of the accident as soon as possible to build a strong claim.

Coordinating Medical Treatment

The role of an Allen side-impact collision attorney is to help coordinate medical care to ensure that the injured victim is getting the medical treatment they need, particularly if they do not have insurance. Unfortunately, many individuals cannot afford health insurance. However, a lawyer could help make sure that an injured person sees the appropriate medical coverage. When there are adequate assets and coverage, an attorney could send a letter of protection to make sure that the medical care provider knows that if they provide needed medical care right now, when the case is settled, they will get paid.

The health insurance company will want certain liens, or they will want to take part in the recovery. A lien gives the insurance company a way to take part in the recovery. An attorney should be involved from the very beginning to make sure that medical care providers do not take more than they are entitled to receive. In addition to healthcare liens, hospitals could assert hospital liens. For example, if somebody goes to the ER after a wreck, they may not be admitted into the hospital, but they are released. Sometimes those hospitals will file hospital liens and not even try to file on health insurance because they will want to take as much of the recovery as possible. That hospital lien is not a valid lien because the state’s lien statute requires admission into the hospital. A skilled attorney will make sure that the injured individual is not taken advantage of by the hospital.

Learn More About the Role of an Allen T-Bone Car Accident Lawyer

There are various ways an attorney could help an injured individuals case besides arguing in court. The most important thing an attorney could do is to help ensure that the plaintiff is not being taken advantage of, especially by insurance companies. A lawyer could coordinate medical care, preserve evidence, speak to medical advisors and witnesses. Call today to learn more about the role of an Allen side-impact collision attorney.

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