Unwavering Dedication & Compassionate Service: Gloria Campos Named a Leading Woman

Unwavering Dedication & Compassionate Service: Gloria Campos Named a Leading Woman

McCraw Law Group is proud to announce that our Chief Operating Officer, Gloria Campos, has been featured in the esteemed Leading Women section of Living Magazine. This recognition highlights Gloria’s exceptional contributions to the firm’s success and her unwavering commitment to upholding the values of integrity, compassion, and dedicated service.


Gloria Campos, a McKinney native, has dedicated over two decades to helping the clients of the firm and then in leadership and management, making her an invaluable asset to McCraw Law Group. Her journey into the legal field began when she stepped into her sister’s place as a legal assistant. Since then, Gloria’s passion for advocating on behalf of injured clients has been unwavering.  Her work ethic and consistent upleveling management skills has made her a critical part of the firm’s success.

Current Role

In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Gloria Campos is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of McCraw Law Group to accomplish the goals of the firm. She collaborates with the firm’s other leadership, playing a pivotal role in making strategic decisions that drive the firm’s growth and success. With her keen insight, Gloria identifies and harnesses the team’s strengths and unique skill sets, channeling them effectively into the firm’s endeavors.

One of Gloria’s key priorities is ensuring that the firm’s core values and vision are upheld in every aspect of its work. She is deeply committed to providing compassionate care and support to their clients, who often face physical, emotional, and financial challenges due to personal injuries. Gloria and her team at McCraw Law Group go the extra mile to preserve their clients’ claims, navigate complex insurance processes, and handle legal and medical matters, allowing their clients to focus on their recovery.

Well-Deserved Recognition

The acknowledgment of Gloria Campos as a Leading Woman in Living Magazine serves as evidence of her exceptional leadership and dedication to the field of personal injury law. McCraw Law Group is proud to have Gloria as a driving force behind our mission to positively impact our clients’ lives as well as the community.

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