Pedestrian Deaths at a 28-year High


According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, pedestrian deaths in the United States are at a 28-year high, rising 4 percent to a total of 6,227 fatalities in 2018. Analysis by the GHSA attributed a portion of the increase specifically to SUVs, as pedestrian deaths involving SUVs increased by 50 percent from 2013 to 2017.  Another study analyzing similar data also found links between pedestrian death and the use of cell phones, among other factors.

Texas is one of five states that accounted for almost half of all pedestrian deaths during the first half of 2018. As such, it is important for drivers in this state—especially those operating large vehicles like SUVs and commercial trucks—to pay extra attention when driving in areas where pedestrians might be present. In Collin County, the roadways could be extremely dangerous for pedestrians due to the presence of these large vehicles and the ever-present digital distractions of modern life.

Please be careful out there—paying close attention could help save someone from significant injuries or death. Our attorneys at the McCraw Law Group have seen more than our fair share of pedestrian deaths and serious injury.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian collision with a vehicle, we are here to help.