Unique Aspects of Catastrophic Injury Claims

Unique Aspects of Catastrophic Injury Claims

Catastrophic Injuries are injuries that are severe and completely life-changing for an individual. Catastrophic injuries include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, and loss of limbs. These are injuries that no one wants to endure but that, unfortunately, do occur. There are many unique aspects of catastrophic injury claims that you should be aware of in case you or someone you know experiences one.

Catastrophic Injuries Differ from Normal Personal Injuries

Catastrophic injury claims differ from regular personal injury cases. Catastrophic injuries are more severe and extensive than typical injuries, making the cases more extreme. For these reasons, when an attorney assesses and calculates damages within a catastrophic injury claim, they must consider factors such as permanent disabilities, which could prevent the client from earning a living for the remainder of their life and, thus, allow for a higher damages award.

Since these injuries can be more detrimental to an individual’s lifestyle by having the ability to hinder the way they live day-to-day as well as being unable to work, these cases typically involve large damage amounts. This means that victims of catastrophic injuries may be able to recover more compensation than in regular injury cases.

Contact An Attorney After Suffering a Catastrophic Injury

If you or someone you know suffers injuries in an accident that leads to a catastrophic injury, retain the services of a knowledgeable and compassionate injury lawyer as soon as possible.

With these injuries being so debilitating, the injured party may not be able to obtain skilled legal counsel on their own; however, someone close to the individual could gain the right to hire one on their behalf. Catastrophic injuries can be detrimental to your overall health and can also be harmful to your life as you know it. A dedicated attorney from the McCraw Law Group could assist you in getting the comprehensive compensation you need and deserve. Call now.

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