Why It’s Important to be Careful on Social Media after an Injury

Why It’s Important to be Careful on Social Media after an Injury

It may not seem obvious, but being careful about posting on social media accounts after an injury is essential. Insurance companies often spy on social media accounts maintained by an injured party, as well as the social media accounts of their friends and family. Innocuous activities such as going out to dinner or going on vacation can be distorted by insurance companies in an attempt to show that the injured person is a fraud. After a serious injury, stay off social media and keep your accounts private.

How an Insurance Company Could Use Your Online Data

Insurance companies aim to minimize their costs and maximize their profits. With this goal in mind, insurers will seek any cause to deny a claim, which means insurance companies actively search social media accounts to collect evidence that could be used to question or deny a claim.

Posting anything on social media increases the amount of potential evidence that insurance companies have to work with. Insurance companies can legally use any data and information from social media sites to support their investigation.

We have a natural desire to crave connection, share experiences, and seek a sense of importance. After a serious injury, most folks are isolated from the connections they had before the accident, so it is only natural to seek online friendships when your real-life connections become limited.

However, online life celebrates life’s victories—birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, and the like. Insurance companies know this and will troll every facet of your online life, looking for any post, memory, or picture that could make you look bad in front of a jury.

What to Do Instead of Posting Online

Instead of posting online during this time, we recommend you journal your thoughts and feelings and share them with your personal injury attorney. Not only are these journals protected by attorney-client privilege, but you also have the added benefit of helping the lawyer understand your challenges, damages, and the hurdles you have overcome.

If you are a victim of a personal injury or an accident, we advise you to avoid social media and contact McCraw Law Group for a free consultation.


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