Celina Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Celina Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Children and adults alike use bicycles daily in the Celina area. Many people take bikes to commute to work or recreation. However, even cautious cyclists can fall victim to a collision. If you sustained injuries in a Celina cycling accident, other parties may be partially or completely responsible for the accident. A personal injury attorney could collect evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and promptly file a legal claim. A Celina bicycle accident lawyer may be able to analyze your case to help you recover damages.

Texas Bicycle Laws

According to Texas Transportation Code 551.103, cyclists must stay to the right of the roadway whenever possible. A cyclist may only ride in a center lane when there are obstructions in the right lane, or they intend to turn left at an intersection.

Cyclists who ride at night must outfit their bike with a lamp on the front and back of their cycle. Additionally, they must put a red reflector on the back of their bike so other motorists on the road can spot from 50 to 300 feet away.

Riders who follow precautions while on the roads may have grounds for a lawsuit in Texas. A cycling crash attorney in Celina may be able to help demonstrate safety measures that the bicyclist used and argue that such measures were reasonably taken before an accident.

Statute of Limitations for Celina Bicycle Crashes

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code allows individuals a two-year “statute of limitations” for lawsuits involving personal injury, property damage, and death. There may be exceptions to this statute of limitations and an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to clarify if they might apply in certain cases.

When cyclists are killed due to the negligence of motorists, they may leave financial liabilities, assets, and family that are then deprived of their loved one.

As survivors, loved ones may be able to recoup damages for the estate of the deceased. A bike crash attorney in Celina may be able to support the family members of the deceased in recovering damages for the wrongful acts of others.

Calculating Potential Damages in Bicycle Accidents

Individuals involved in a car or bike crash are sometimes assigned a certain percentage of responsibility by the jury. The percentage of responsibility depends on the level of a person’s responsibility in causing an accident. Factors in determining responsibility often include failing to take appropriate and prudent safety measures or having defective equipment.

Texas uses “proportionate responsibility” law to determining damages and case settlements. According to the proportionate responsibility rule, plaintiffs cannot recover any damages if they are more than 50 percent responsible for the accident. If the plaintiff is less than 51% responsible for their own injuries, then the recovery will be reduced by the percentage of the plaintiff’s responsibility. In English, that means that the injured person cannot recover money for their portion of the fault in causing the wreck.

Hiring a Bike Crash Lawyer in Celina

If you have been struck by a car while cycling, a Celina bicycle accident lawyer might, you may be entitled to recover damages from insurance companies or negligent parties. You do not have to work through the legal process on your own. Consult with a Celina bike accident lawyer as soon as possible to develop a plan for your recovery.

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