Celina Car Accident Lawyer

Celina Car Accident Lawyer

State highways 289 and 380 are major thoroughfares in the state and present distinct dangers to motorists. The speed that cars travel on these routes and the narrow lanes themselves may contribute to unsafe driving conditions on many of Celina’s roads. In addition, the incidence of distracted or impaired driving cases is on the rise throughout Texas.

If you were involved in a traffic accident in Celina, there are many factors that might affect the outcome of a potential car crash suit. A Celina car accident lawyer may be able to help present options under Texas law and fight on your behalf in a negligence lawsuit. Reach out to a dedicated personal injury lawyer today.

Assessing Fault in a Celina Car Wreck

In Texas, individuals involved in a traffic accident are assigned a level of fault. This is referred to as “proportionate responsibility” under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 33.003. The jury typically calculates a person’s responsibility in the form of a percentage.

If a motorist was sober, following all traffic ordinances, and using a well-maintained vehicle, there may be no responsibility at all. According to Texas law, if police find a plaintiff 50 percent or more responsible for their own wreck, that person is ineligible to receive damages in a civil suit.

The strength of a car crash suit depends on the proportionate responsibility of each person involved in the accident. A car crash lawyer in Celina may help determine eligibility for compensation according to this rule.

Recoverable Damages

Recoverable damages vary depending on the specifics of the accident itself. Defendants may seek both “compensatory damages” and “exemplary damages” in a civil suit.

Compensatory damages include economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages may cover medical bills associated with the accident and cover lost income during recovery.

Non-economic damages typically refer to a plaintiff’s pain, mental anguish, and physical impairment among other elements. Drivers who suffer greatly due to the negligence of other motorists may be entitled to compensation as they try to regain a sense of normalcy.

Exemplary damages are also sometimes called punitive damages. Plaintiffs seek exemplary damages to send a clear message that the defendant’s actions were grossly negligent and deter future similar behavior. A car wreck attorney in Celina may be able to help clients seek all available types of compensation in a lawsuit.

Statute of Limitations in Celina Traffic Accidents

Texas statute grants individuals a limited two-year time frame to file suit for most traffic accident cases. The statute of limitations is the window of time a person has to file a lawsuit. With rare exceptions, failure to file a lawsuit and to be diligent in serving the lawsuit on the defendant within the two years limitation period can cause a case to be lost without ever even having a trial.

How a Celina Attorney Can Help

Most of the time, other drivers are considerate to their fellow travelers, driving safely, injurious accidents still occur though. If you were harmed or traumatized by the improper driving of another motorist, you may be able to recover damages to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Consult with a Celina car accident lawyer today to see if you qualify for damage compensation.

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