Celina Truck Accident Lawyer

Celina Truck Accident Lawyer

Increased commerce in Celina is increasing demand for the transportation of products throughout North Texas. More trucks in transit may lead to higher incidences of collisions with other drivers.

If you experienced a truck accident in Celina, you and your family may have sustained injuries. In the aftermath of a truck wreck, large trucking companies protect their interests through aggressive litigation. A Celina truck accident lawyer may be able to advocate for you during litigation.

Responsibilities of Tractor-Trailer Operators

Eighteen-wheelers are large vehicles capable of causing life-changing injuries and extensive property damage. Tractor-trailer drivers are required to earn a specialized commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Requirements to earn a CDL are strict, as the consequences of a mistake can be dire. Truckers have mandatory sleep minimums and they record mileage as well as sleep information in their truck manifests. Truckers who fail to follow state and federal laws and cause an accident can be held liable in Texas through a personal injury suit.

Proportionate Responsibility in Celina Truck Wrecks

In every state, law enforcement agencies conduct investigations following a vehicle collision. The main purpose of this investigation is to determine the level of responsibility of each party involved in the crash. In Texas, we follow the rule of proportionate responsibility.

The jury assigns each individual a percentage of total fault and based on this percentage, drivers may be eligible to seek damages in a civil lawsuit according to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 33.003. The police or investigators may issue citations or give opinions on fault, but it is up to the jury to decide who is what percentage at fault and why. A driver may have partial responsibility and still recover damages in a successful lawsuit, but their recovery will be proportional to all other parties’ fault in causing the wreck.

Proportionate responsibility laws have several considerations. A truck wreck attorney in Celina may be able to fight for damages on the part of victims of negligent driving.

Damages in a Celina Lawsuit

Damages refer to the monetary or emotional losses suffered by a plaintiff. Negligent truck drivers might be responsible for compensatory and exemplary damages.

Judges and juries may award plaintiffs compensatory damages to help cover economic or non-economic costs resulting from the negligent or reckless driving of a trucker. Economic awards help cover medical bills and lost income while non-economic awards cover suffering and trauma. Exemplary damages are punitive and act as both punishment and deterrent for the negligent behavior.

If a trucker and the trucking company fails to maintain their rig, they put lives at risk. A truck crash lawyer in Celina may be able to review the details of a wreck to support victims of trucker negligence when violations of these safety rules lead to serious injuries.

Speak to a Truck Crash Lawyer Today

As you drive alongside an 18-wheeler, you expect the operator to be sober, rested, and cognizant of the vulnerable drivers sharing the road. Drivers who fall behind on their itineraries sometimes cut corners to meet deadlines—but risky decisions on the part of truck operators should never result in injuries or deaths for others.

If you have been hurt by the negligent driving of a trucker, it is unlikely that the insurance company representing the driver will have your best interests at heart. Instead, you may want the legal counsel of a Celina truck accident lawyer to present your best case before in court. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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