Celina Dog Bite Lawyer

Celina Dog Bite Lawyer

If you recently fell victim to a dog bite and are seeking legal relief, you may be facing serious physical, mental, and financial damages. However, pursuing legal recovery by yourself could be a challenging endeavor. Without legal knowledge and experience, it could be difficult to execute complex legal procedures effectively.

In this kind of situation, you might benefit from the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney. A Celina dog bite lawyer could review your case and lend a helping hand.

Liability Issues in Dog Bite Cases

Texas state law does not provide a specific dog bite statute, but it does follow the “one bite rule,” a negligence concept outlined in the Restatement of Torts. It is important to note that the “one bite rule” is not actually a rule, but rather a guideline which states a dog bite victim in Celina could potentially hold a dog owner liable for their injuries if they can prove the dog owner knew their pet acted aggressively or had bitten someone before.

If a dog is known to have been dangerous in the past, then the plaintiff may be able to recover damages under a strict liability theory. Under strict liability, an injured party may bring a personal injury lawsuit against a dog owner without having to prove that the dog owner breached their duty of reasonable care. The injured party—or their Celina dog bite attorney—would only have to show that the dog was considered dangerous or vicious because of past behavior.

Seeking Relief in Celina

Courts impose a time limit on a plaintiff’s right to bring a cause of action through what is called a statute of limitations. The length of this statutory period varies depending on the cause of action, but failure to file within the set time limit would result in losing the right to sue. According to Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §16.003, plaintiffs seeking remedies for dog bite injuries in Celina must file their case within two years of the dog bite.

Depending on the situation, an injured person may be able to seek different types of damages. Economic damages compensate an injured party for financial losses such as lost earnings or medical expenses suffered as a result of the bite. Proper documentation is often the key to proving these types of damages. A seasoned lawyer could help with proving these damages and presenting evidence.

Non-economic damages are very real, but in comparison, they are not as straightforward. At trial, non-economic damages such as emotional distress and pain and suffering, are typically determined by a jury based on how the injuries have affected the individual himself or herself. Once retained, a knowledgeable animal attack lawyer in Celina could investigate the case and help the injured person quantify their non-economic damages.

Contact a Celina Dog Bite Attorney Today

Suffering from a vicious dog bite is scary and often takes time and effort to heal from. Our experienced personal injury attorneys could take care of the filing deadlines and negotiations while you focus on healing. Reach out today to talk to a dedicated Celina dog bite lawyer who could review your case and help you determine your best possible options.

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