Celina Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Celina Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

When you take any medication, you expect your symptoms or overall health to improve. Sadly, negligent pharmaceutical companies sometimes choose profits over patient safety, and some drugs ultimately worsen or exacerbate existing medical conditions.

Drug manufacturers have a responsibility to conduct adequate testing, adhere to strict quality controls, and disclose any potential side effects of their medications. If they fail to do so and cause harm to patients, the victims may have a valid personal injury claim for damages. A Celina dangerous drugs lawyer could evaluate a potential claim and tirelessly seek justice on the victim’s behalf.

The Effects of Dangerous Drugs

Unanticipated and unwanted side effects might occur from the use of both prescription and non-prescription drugs. The injuries that result from taking these medications could be devastating and place individuals in a worse condition than before. Some of the side effects that may result from taking dangerous drugs include risks of developing:

  • Cancer
  • Bleeding and clotting issues
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Strokes and heart attacks

These side effects could be catastrophic and result in permanent impairments. Depending on the severity of the resulting side effects, individuals could be unable to return to work, need ongoing medical care, and have a decreased life expectancy. A Celina attorney experienced in dangerous drug claims could help a plaintiff receive compensation for these and other damages.

Pharmaceutical Company Liability in Celina

Under product liability law, drug manufacturers are strictly liable for dangerous drugs that they produce, market, and distribute to consumers. They have a legal duty to create medicines that are safe for patients, and when they fail to do so, they could be held responsible for any resulting injuries.

This legal duty involves properly testing drugs before putting them on the market to ensure they are safe for consumer use. They also must identify and warn consumers of any risks associated with taking the drugs. Labels and inserts that come with medications must fully explain the potential dangers to protect consumers.

Unfortunately, drug companies may not take these precautions, but instead, rush drugs through the FDA approval process without taking adequate time to conduct drug trials or testing. The FDA has a “fast track” process for drugs that are similar to products already on the market. This process may allow new medications to gain approval without undergoing the usual extensive testing and clinical trials. Under these circumstances, a dangerous drug attorney in Celina may be able to build a strong case against negligent manufacturers.

Call a Celina Dangerous Drugs Attorney for Advice

When you have suffered injuries from taking medication, a Celina dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help you collect damages for your losses, including medical bills, lost time at work, and decreased quality of life.

The effects of taking a dangerous drug could be significant. Injuries could include the development of new medical conditions that require surgical intervention and further treatment. The unanticipated side effects of a hazardous drug may derail your recovery process entirely and could potentially be permanent. Hold the negligent drug manufacturers accountable. Call an attorney today and schedule your first consultation.

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