Collin County Burn Injury Lawyer

Collin County Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns and burn injuries could leave an individual with long-lasting physical and emotional scars. With the potential to range in severity from a minor injury to a life-changing catastrophic event, a burn could occur at any time and almost anywhere. Automobile accidents, on another person’s property, and at work are all common sites of devastating injuries.

If another person’s negligent actions led to your injuries, an experienced Collin County burn injury lawyer could help you hold the responsible party accountable in court. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you seek compensation from those responsible for your injuries. Call our office for a consultation with a skilled member of our team.

What are the Different Classifications of Burns?

A burn could cause severe damage to a person’s skin. In addition, a burn may also affect the underlying tissue or even bones. There are three classes of burns that refer to the severity including first, second, and third degree. Immediately following any burn accident, it is imperative to speak to a medical professional and receive treatment.


First-degree burns are minor injuries. These are burns that affect only the topmost layer of a person’s skin. A doctor may prescribe topical cream and painkillers to aid in recovery, but these burns will typically heal on their own over time.


Second-degree burns are more serious as they may completely destroy the top layer of skin and damage the underlying tissue. These burns may directly affect a person’s nerves causing severe pain and permanent damage. Doctors may need to resort to skin grafts to heal these injuries but there still may be permanent scarring.


Third-degree burns are the most severe type of burn injury and may be life-threatening. In these cases, the exposure to the hazard completely destroys the tissue and may even char the bone. Total recovery in these cases is rare and a doctor may need to amputate an affected area to prevent the spread of infection.

How Does Someone Pursue a Claim in Collin County?

Much like other injury claims, the victim must bear the burden of proof in any claim for a burn injury. The plaintiff must prove that the negligent actions of another party resulted in their injury.

Other cases rely on the theory that the defendant intentionally harmed the victim. While a criminal case cannot result in compensation for a victim, a conviction could serve as powerful evidence in a related civil suit.

Regardless of the exact circumstances that led to the injury, plaintiffs have only a limited time to file a case. Texas’s statute of limitations controls how long a plaintiff has to file their personal injury claim in order to seek compensation. Under Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Title 2, Ch. 16 § 16.003, the plaintiff must file their claim no more than two years from the date of the injury. To learn more about deadlines and exceptions to the statute of limitations, speak to a seasoned attorney. A Collin County burn injury lawyer could help one file a strong claim within the statute of limitations.

Let a Collin County Burn Injury Attorney Assist

Burns injuries could be devastating and cause ripple effects on your life. These types of injuries could leave you with physical, emotional, and financial hardships. However, any damage inflicted due to another’s negligence is compensable under the law.

A Collin County burn injury lawyer could help you to pursue compensation for your injuries. There is a limited time to file a case so contact our skilled attorneys today to discuss your legal options.

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