Recoverable Damages in Spinal Cord Injury Claims

After suffering a spinal cord injury, a person’s life is often altered forever–especially in cases resulting in paralysis. A person can no longer physically perform the tasks that they used to be able to do with ease. This means that they may no longer be able to care for themselves or others effectively. Injured individuals may no longer be able to work, resulting in a loss of income. These are just a few examples of the many types of immediate and future damages that a Denton lawyer could establish in a claim to pursue compensation from the responsible party. Another type of recoverable damage is medical expenses, which includes medical bills already incurred since the onset of the injury and also future medical expenses that are anticipated to be necessary for continuing treatment of a spinal cord injury. Individuals who suffer complete paralysis may need to be treated for bed sores and infections and are at a higher risk for sepsis due to decreased blood flow. Additionally, people who have suffered a spinal cord injury may need to attend occupational therapy as part of their rehab process. Based on the severity of the injury, a lifecare plan might need to be established for the individual to provide them with the necessary resources for a comfortable lifestyle, which can be extremely beneficial for both the injured person and the caretakers living with them.  These types of medical treatments, therapies, and lifestyle accommodations are typically very expensive. A dedicated attorney could help ensure that they are calculated into the total damage model to maximize the amount of recovery for the injured party.

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Creating a Lifecare Plan

A skilled lawyer in Denton can help a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury, and their family, with long-term planning and care. Personal injury attorneys who specialize in serious injury cases have relationships with experienced economists and lifecare planners who can provide additional value and assistance in a traumatic injury case. These individuals could review the person’s specific case and injuries to determine what types of accessibility needs, therapies, or assisted mobility devices are required for the person to live their most normal and comfortable life, given the circumstances. A lifecare plan is also beneficial in approximating a cost for all of the individual’s treatments and needs, current and future. This can be extremely valuable to a family as they file their claim and budget for the future.

Qualities to Look for When Seeking Legal Counsel

When searching for help for a loved one following a tragic incident, it is crucial to find someone trustworthy and reliable. A legal professional at an established law firm with experience working on catastrophic injury cases – specifically those involving spinal cord injuries – could be invaluable to an individual and their family following a spinal cord injury. Characteristics to look for when seeking legal counsel include a firm with a proven track record of successfully managing traumatic injury cases, as well as a team with a good reputation in the community. When selecting a specific lawyer in Denton, positive qualities include someone who is qualified and hard-working, but also empathetic to an individual and their family’s unique situation.

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At McCraw Law Group, the role of our lawyers in a Denton spinal cord injury case is to help you get the highest compensation possible. They take their job of assisting those in need seriously. Our compassionate attorneys are here to handle the details of your case as you focus on transitioning to living life with your injury. Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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