Determining Liability in Drunk Driving Truck Accident Cases in Denton

If you were involved in a crash with a heavy commercial vehicle due to a truck operator driving under the influence of alcohol, you have a right to hold them legally and financially accountable for their misconduct. However, in order to obtain the comprehensive compensation that you deserve to cover the full extent of your losses, it may be wise to consider what other parties may have contributed to your injuries.

Seeking full financial recovery from an individual truck driver through civil litigation may not cover all of your damages; however, you may be able to secure additional recovery if the trucking company that employees the truck driver is found to have been negligent as well. Contact a knowledgeable attorney for help determining liability in drunk driving truck accident cases in Denton.

Who Can be Held Liable for a Drunk Driving Truck Crash in Denton?

Determining liability in semi-truck collision cases in Denton involving drunk drivers can be deceptively complicated. There are numerous factors to consider beyond simply pointing the finger at the intoxicated truck driver. Although the intoxicated truck driver is certainly to blame for their actions, there could be additional blame placed on the company that hired the truck driver, and a lawsuit may be brought against both the truck driver and the trucking company in certain situations.

Truck Driver

Most obviously, an intoxicated truck driver who causes a collision resulting in another person’s injury could be held liable for their negligent actions. Anytime a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are putting themselves and everyone else on the road at risk and could be held accountable for their recklessness through legal action.

Trucking Companies

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, trucking companies are required to screen employees and conduct background checks. Unfortunately, the companies who hire truck drivers do not always follow these hiring protocols. Consequently, drivers may be hired who have a prior DUI conviction and should not be trusted behind the wheel of a large and dangerous machine. In such cases, a trucking company could be held responsible for their negligent hiring practices, should the truck driver cause a wreck injuring another person while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Truck Rental Company

In situations where a truck driver is an independent contractor and causes an accident in Denton, but neither they nor the trucking company they are hired by own the vehicle, the truck rental company may be held liable. If there is proof that the truck rental company knew that a trucking company partook in negligent hiring practices, but turned a blind eye to this unsafe practice, they could be partially at-fault for an ensuing crash involving their property.

A Seasoned Lawyer Could Help with Determining Liability in Denton Drunk Driving Accident Cases

As can be seen, determining liability in drunk driving truck accident cases in Denton is not always as cut and dry as it may seem. There are plenty of variables to consider that could greatly impact a case, which is why it is crucial to seek assistance from an experienced attorney as soon as possible after a collision. A diligent legal professional could thoroughly investigate the circumstances of a crash to determine what party or parties are to blame.

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