Drunk Driving Truck Accidents in Denton

Drunk Driving Truck Accidents in Denton

Drunk driving truck accidents in Denton are complicated to litigate in civil court, especially if both drivers are inebriated and one of them is behind the wheel of the commercial vehicle.

The experienced attorneys at McCraw Law Group could help you understand your situation, analyze fault, and strive to reach a favorable case outcome. Our trucking accident attorneys are here for you.

Determining Fault in Intoxicated Truck Driver Crashes

If two drunk drivers get into an accident, they may share various degrees of fault, depending on the circumstances of the case. A Denton lawyer can review the specific facts surrounding a truck accident caused by an intoxicated driver to determine who may be liable. It is worth noting that if a drunk truck driver causes a collision, a civil case can be brought against the company that employs them, since they are liable for the actions of their drivers.

If a person has been drinking but follows the traffic laws, the jury may find that they are less at fault than the other drunk driver, allowing them to collect the most damages. If both drivers were acting recklessly (i.e., drinking and driving), the jury may be less understanding, leaving the injured claimant with no compensation after a truck crash.

Liability for Trucking Companies in a Drunk Driver Crash

Commercial trucks are subject to the regulations imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). As such, they are responsible for everything their employees do while on the job. Some of the ways the company can open themselves up to liability include:

Lack of Proper Screening for Drivers

Trucking companies have a duty to ensure their drivers are never inebriated behind the wheel. While no one can guarantee that, shipping companies are responsible for doing a thorough pre-screen of employee candidates.

However, many companies do not complete this screening, or if they do, they ignore the results. If a truck driver has a past record of alcohol or drug violations, lawyers may have an easier time convincing a jury that the employer company knew they were not safe to be on the road.

Assigning Drivers to Less Monitored Jobs

Sometimes, a driver’s DUI or DWI record would have disqualified them from driving under the FMCSA safety program, but some companies may simply look the other way, particularly with long- and short-haul intrastate drivers, like rock haulers.

By skipping or ignoring the drug and alcohol screening and assigning workers with a record to infrequently monitored jobs, shipping companies that operate in Denton open themselves up to liability when a wreck is caused by an inebriated truck driver.

Exemplary Damages in Intoxicated Driver Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Because the liability for commercial vehicle crashes can be so different from other motor vehicle wrecks, damages can also vary substantially from case to case. For example, exemplary damages may be available after a drunk driving trucking collision to make an example of the defendant for gross negligence.

Lawyers may pursue compensation for an injured person’s:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Car replacement or repairs
  • Wrongful death

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