Frisco Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Frisco Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Around 28 percent of crashes in the U.S. are rear-ending accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When you are rear-ended, the impact of the crash can catch you off-guard since you generally are not looking behind you while driving. Depending on the severity of the impact, your body can sustain serious injuries due to being thrust forward during the collision.

To prove that a car accident was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another driver and subsequently recover compensation, you may need to seek legal counsel from a Frisco rear-end car accident lawyer. With a knowledgeable auto collision attorney by your side, you would not have to worry about taking on the insurance companies alone.

Back-End Car Accident Laws in Frisco

There is often an assumption that if a driver is rear-ended, the other driver whose front end hit the back of the other vehicle is automatically at fault. In the state of Texas, however, this is not necessarily the case.

In fact, a civil plaintiff who was rear-ended would still need to prove that the majority of the fault lies with the other driver. Frisco follows the same modified comparative fault rule as the rest of Texas, which means that a plaintiff would have to establish that they bear 50 percent or less of the total fault for their accident in order to have a valid claim. Working with a knowledgeable Frisco rear-end car accident attorney may be key to minimizing comparative negligence and maximizing recoverable compensation.

Statute of Limitations

Plaintiffs have a certain amount of time in which they are able to bring suit for personal injury claims in Frisco. Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §16.003, the statute of limitations in Texas for personal injury claims is two years from the date of their accident. If a driver fails to file a claim before the statute of limitations runs out, they may forfeit their right to recover damages.

Pursuing Damages from a Car Accident

In order to pursue damages from a rear-end collision, the first step is to start working with a qualified back-end accident lawyer in Frisco. Once retained, the attorney would likely begin by collecting information from all the parties involved to start building the plaintiff’s case.

Finding facts that indicate negligence or a failure to fulfill a duty of care on the part of the other driver can be of great importance, so the plaintiff should share as many details about the accident as possible. Their lawyer may try to settle out of court at first, but the claim may also go to mediation or to civil court if both parties are not able to reach an agreement.

Call a Frisco Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Today

The effects of a car accident can last weeks, months, or in some cases even years. Having an experienced Frisco rear-end car accident lawyer on your side could help to ease your mind during this stressful time, working tirelessly on your case so that you can focus on recuperation.

A seasoned attorney could provide the counsel and support you may need after being in a car accident. For more information on how legal counsel could help with rear-end accidents, call today to schedule an initial consultation.

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