Frisco Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

Frisco Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

Uber and taxi drivers are not immune from causing the same types of accidents as regular drivers, which can result in catastrophic injuries and even deaths. A Frisco Uber/Taxi accident lawyer may be able to assist individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of accidents involving Uber or taxi services.

A skilled car wreck attorney may be able to investigate the circumstances that led to the crash, determine the potential liability of various parties, and help get you the relief that you need.  You may be entitled to compensation for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages, and mental distress caused by your involvement in the accident.

Insurance Coverage and Frisco Personal Injury Claims

Under Texas law, drivers only need to maintain minimal amounts of liability insurance to compensate others when they cause accidents that result in property damage or bodily injuries. More specifically, drivers must maintain a liability insurance policy with $30,000 of coverage for personal injuries, $60,000 for the accident, and $25,000 for property damage. The law does not require drivers to carry uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance policies, which can severely limit the recovery of compensation by injury victims.

Companies such as Uber and taxi services, however, are likely to maintain higher amounts of commercial liability insurance, which is a more significant resource for injury victims involved in accidents with these employers. For instance, Uber maintains a million-dollar liability and uninsured/underinsured insurance policy that covers all its drivers. Therefore, individuals who suffer injuries in an accident with an Uber or taxi driver may have a much larger pool of resources to look to than those involved in crashes with non-commercial vehicles.

Uber/Taxi Accidents in Frisco

Uber and taxi accidents can injure various parties, who then may look to the commercial insurance policies for coverage in some cases. These situations include:

  • Individuals who are passengers in vehicles driven by Uber or taxi drivers who suffer injuries in an accident
  • Uber or taxi drivers who sustain injuries in a crash that occurs due to the fault of others, mainly if they are uninsured or underinsured
  • Drivers and passengers in other vehicles who are injured when an Uber or taxi driver causes an accident that involves them

Individuals involved in Uber or taxi accidents may be entitled to different types of damages, depending on the situation. Medical bills, surgical costs, and rehabilitation expenses all may be compensable in a personal injury lawsuit. As an Uber/taxi accident lawyer may attest, other potential compensation in a personal injury lawsuit includes lost current and future wages, loss of earnings potential, and compensation for permanent impairment caused by your injuries.

The potential for catastrophic accidents may increase in the case of using Uber or taxi services if these companies do not adequately screen their drivers. For example, Uber completes a basis criminal pre-screening based on social security numbers but does not utilize fingerprints for screening, which can result in basically anyone becoming an Uber driver within minutes. This practice can lead to poorly trained and unqualified drivers working for these companies, thus raising the potential for accidents and injuries.

Finding a Frisco Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney

Accidents involving Uber or taxi may result in devastating injuries to drivers and passengers alike. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, and spinal cord injuries all may result from the trauma of these accidents. A Frisco Uber/Taxi accident lawyer may be able to provide legal guidance for those who have sustained injuries in this type of situation.

Contacting legal counsel may enable you to recover compensation in your time of need, which may relieve some of your stress. Legal representation can remove some of the pressure that you may be feeling and work toward a favorable resolution of your personal injury claim.

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