Lewisville Boat Accident Lawyer

Lewisville Boat Accident Lawyer

Lake Lewisville is a popular destination for boaters and partygoers. Despite the good times the area has to offer, the unfortunate reality is that it is also a common location for boating accidents. The injuries stemming from a watercraft collision can be life-altering, and in many cases are fatal.

If you suffered injuries in a boat crash, you could benefit from a consultation with a skilled personal injury attorney. A successful injury claim could provide you with financial compensation for your injuries and other losses. However, these claims are difficult to pursue on your own, so you should seek the guidance of an experienced Lewisville boat accident lawyer.

How Common are Drunk Boating Accidents on Lake Lewisville?

The majority of accidents while boating in Lewisville result from the use of drugs or alcohol. Lake Lewisville has earned a reputation for its high volume of revelers, especially on holiday weekends. Unfortunately, these partygoers can put others at risk if they choose to operate a boat while intoxicated.

The dangers of operating a watercraft while intoxicated are similar to those tied to drunken driving. Alcohol dramatically reduces reaction time for most people, increasing the odds of a crash. Drugs and alcohol can also inhibit a person’s decision-making, allowing them to take risks they would normally avoid.

Fortunately, a Lewisville attorney could hold an intoxicated person responsible for a boating accident by filing a personal injury claim on behalf of the injured party. Not only could a civil suit potentially result in substantial financial compensation for the injured claimant, it could potentially dissuade a defendant from repeating their negligent behavior in the future.

Potential Compensation for Injured Boaters

The costs associated with a watercraft accident can overwhelm most claimants. As many boaters may fail to obtain adequate insurance in the event of a boat wreck, an injured person’s only recourse is to seek compensation through a legal claim.

If a local attorney is successful in pursuing a boat accident injury claim, the resulting compensation could be substantial. Some common forms of compensation in these claims include:

Medical Expenses

Medical bills can mount quickly following a boat accident. In addition to the cost of an emergency room visit, many people face additional expenses related to surgical procedures and ongoing care. A successful injury claim could recover the cost of this necessary medical treatment.

Property Damages

The expense of repairing or replacing a boat after a crash can be extensive. A claimant could seek to recover the cost of either restoring their boat to its original condition or replacing it entirely.

Lost Wages

One of the common side effects of a serious injury is time away from work. It is not unusual for injury victims to miss work for weeks or months following a severe accident. If these injuries result in missed paychecks, that lost income may be included in a boat accident claim. This could include not only the wages lost during a person’s recovery but also the reduced earning potential they will have in the future.

What are Human Loss or Special Damages?

Damages such as for impairment, pain, and mental anguish may be included in a boat claim resulting in personal injuries.  These damages can be recovered for the past and for the future.  These human losses are special to the individual injured.  Many times these types of damages can be the most significant after a serious injury resulting in long term complications or death.

 Call a Lewisville Boat Accident Attorney Right Away

After a boat accident, it is important to focus on addressing your injuries with trusted medical professionals. After you have sought medical treatment, your next step should be to discuss your legal options.

A Lewisville boat accident lawyer could review the specifics of your case and advise you on how best to proceed. To get started on your civil claim, schedule your initial consultation as soon as possible.

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