McKinney Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

Driving in poor weather conditions can cause a serious accident. This is why it is best to avoid being on the road when the weather is bad, if possible. If the weather caused you to have a car wreck, you may want to contact a seasoned car accident lawyer to see what legal options you may have. Call today to schedule a consultation with someone who is knowledgeable about McKinney car accidents involving bad weather. En Español.

Road Construction

The biggest danger in the McKinney area is the sheer amount of construction that is going on the major roads. The area is growing very quickly, which means there is usually construction on the major highways and even on the side roads. Lanes are constantly changing and traffic cones are up in many places. When bad weather is combined with road construction, car wrecks can occur more frequently than usual. To receive damages for the wreck, seek the services of an attorney who is experienced with McKinney car accidents involving bad weather cases.

Heavy Rain Accidents

Rain in North Texas can be severe at times and with the new construction, it is very common for the drainage system to not be completed. As they are shifting lanes and putting temporary entrances and exists on the roads, the water does not divert the way it should. This creates deeper areas of water that people are susceptible to hitting with their vehicles, leading to cars spinning out of control and causing an accident. Heavy rain can also make it much more difficult for someone to see the road and their surroundings. It is important for drivers to remember to drive slower when it is or has been raining.

Icy Roads

Usually, from November to March are dry months, which means ice on the roads in uncommon. However, McKinney has a considerable amount of wrecks because people are not used to driving on ice. Also, the vehicles most people drive in the area are not four-wheel drive.

One of the issues with the ice in McKinney is that it is often in the form of black ice. The ice will melt and then refreeze, therefore, making it clear and difficult for people to tell if the road is icy or not. Sometimes when a sheet of ice does accumulate, it will completely stop traffic for days. Every person has a duty to control their vehicle, and if they cannot control their vehicle, then they should not be driving.

It is important to know that the roads can get icy even if it did not rain or snow. For example, a broken sprinkler head could cause water to spray onto the roads. And if it is cold outside, the water could freeze up, causing a dangerous situation. Injuries suffered due to this situation may be viable against the landowner for allowing their water to spray out over a public roadway and causing a road hazard.

How a McKinney Attorney Could Help with Car Accident Cases Involving Bad Weather

A dedicated lawyer can help someone in McKinney car accidents involving bad weather just like they can in other situations, which is making sure evidence is preserved and talking to the defendant’s insurance company on the injured person’s behalf. Unlike the insurance companies, legal counsel will keep your best interests in mind. An attorney is there to protect you and also give you advice on your legal options throughout the process. If you have been in a car wreck while driving in poor weather conditions, call a dedicated lawyer today.

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